The Story of Stuff

As the spending season (gag) descends upon us, it’s worth taking a moment to remind ourselves that the things we choose to spend our dollars on have far reaching effects on our planet and the people we share it with.

The Story of Stuff

Now lest anyone accuse me of not doing my patriotic duty by spending my way out of this recession (what?), let me assure you that like any red-blooded American Woman I do enjoy a good shopping spree. But I’ve become keenly interested lately in using my dollars (my most powerful vote) to support companies and individuals that are making the world better, rather than companies that are producing cheap crap that falls apart after two uses and ends up in a landfill leaching toxins into the earth and water…oh, and polluting third world countries and exploiting their citizens in the process of manufacturing said cheap crap. What we buy matters.

Plus, I choose to express my love for my kids by feeding them nourishing, healthy meals that I create myself, rather than by buying them a ton of toxic crap that will break the second time they play with it. Is that Un-American? I’m starting to think it might be.

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