A Little Update

And a hello to my new followers and other visitors who’ve found their way here from twitter and Fittest Friends! I’m so honored by all support I’m getting, and even the hate (just means people are paying attention!). I’ve been so busy lately and haven’t had much time to update my blog. A few things of note: I’m continueing to focus more on strength training than cardio, my ironman ambitions are on hold for now until my kids are older and I have more time to invest in the long hours of training necessary. I posted a recent photo there at the top of my page. As you can see, my body composition continues to improve. I am the same weight I’ve been for the last two years, but I continue to drop body fat and gain lean mass. I did a hydrostatic body fat test last week and the results: 12.5% body fat. I’m pretty happy with that! I’m at a pretty high weight for my height (I weigh 155 at 5’9), which means I’ve got a crap ton of lean mass, and it’s almost completely made from plants, lol. As for the invisible changes, they continue as well. At last check my total cholesterol was 119, my LDL was 52, my HDL was 68, and my triglycerides were 33. All my blood levels were optimal except my Vitamin D, which was low normal, but it was the tail end of a very long, very gloomy winter. I’ve increased the depth of my squat from barely parallel to almost to my ankles! Next time you hear someone say people with arthritis shouldn’t run or squat, send ‘em my way and they can try to tell me how I’m screwing myself up. Plant based nutrition, FTW! My deadlift is 240, squat 160, C & J 120, bench something like 120.

Once again, thanks for all the support, you guys are great!