8/8 log

Sorry I missed yesterday. It was a rest day, and my diet looked pretty much like every other day this week. Green smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch, beans and corn (gasp!) for dinner. Fruit and nuts for snacks.

It’s day 6 back to to plant based eating. So far I’ve had several amazing workouts where I’ve been able to (finally!) add weight to lifts that have been stagnant for months, and my lower abs are visible again. It’s been so long since I saw them I’d forgotten they’d gone missing. I drank the paleo kool aid, and it did about as much good for me as, well, kool aid.


Warmup: 1 mile run

Strength: back squats: 10 @ 45#, 8 @ 95#, 8 @ 105#, 8 @ 115#, 6 @ 125#, 3 @ 135

Workout: 5 rounds: 8 front squats @ 75#/max rep dead hang pullups

Cooldown: 3 rounds 10 pushups/max rep kipping pullups


B and L: green smoothie (blueberries, spinach, cucumber, avocado, raw protein, almond milk)

Snacks: 2 cashew cookie larabars, 2 apple

D: kale, mixed green salad w/ cucumber, tofu, goddess dressing

S: dried peaches and raw almonds

total calories: 3090

Carbs: 349g

Protein: 151g

Fat: 152g