My Thoughts on the Pacifica Pit Bull Fatality

I used to be Somebody in the pit bull community, and had I not had kids, I probably still would be. That said, I’m not using this post as a spring board back into that world. No, too much drama and politics there, Lord knows I have enough drama and politics here in the eating and moving community. But most people who know me know I have pit bulls (three of ’em at last count), and for many of those people I’m the ONLY person they know who has pit bulls, and not being plugged into the pit bull world, the only perspective those people are likely to get is the one the mainstream media decides will sell the most ad space. So I’m going to take a minute to share my thoughts, humble though they may be, on the horrifying incident that took place in Pacifica, CA last week.

There is still much we don’t know about what happened that day. So I won’t speculate as to what caused this dog to attack and kill his owner. What I keep coming back to as I mull this over in my head is the other dog that was there, in the house, in the ROOM, when the attack took place. She is a pit bull too. I’m hearing a lot of panic from the general community (understandable) and a lot of finger pointing at the breed. All pit bulls are time bombs that will eventually snap and attack their owners, they say. It’s a behavior that is ingrained in the breed’s psyche, they say. They were created to maul, maim, crush and dismember, they say. They are all killers, they say.

So why did the other dog not join the attack? Instead she hid in terror. If aggression is ingrained in the breed’s psyche, why didn’t pack instinct trigger an aggressive response in the other dog?

My opinion: because dogs are individuals. Every single dog should be judged on it’s own behavior and it’s own temperament, period.

And that’s all I’m going to say for now.

2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the Pacifica Pit Bull Fatality

  1. I’ve gotten to the point where I completely ignore things that have to do with pitbull accusations and rumours…except to scream at the TV once in a while…
    I’ve had an obsessive love for pitbulls since I got my first puppy, Ginger, when I was 11-12 from my local pound (after moving to the country and thinking she was safer, she was hit by a car…I cried of course). Since then I’ve only had pitbulls or pit-mixes.
    Baby (who really is my big fat dwarf baby, she’s about 12″ from floor to shoulder and about 24″ from shoulder to hip), will be 9 years old this Christmas. I got her from the pound when she was about 3-4 months, she was the size of my palms put together, growing up she slept on my face, and later under my covers. When my son was born everyone was paranoid about her being around him as a newborn, but right when we got home we put him in his chair and let her meet her new brother.
    She was never good with other dogs because other owners were too afraid to let them meet, so she never learned to play and they always think shes being aggressive when she just wants to play, (shes really heavy [muscle and fat, about 70lbs, like i said she’s short, and my dad spoils her] and she knocks smaller dogs over). But if you give her 10 minutes to meet other dogs she is fine. Now that she’s old she could care less (as we found out when we got my BIL’s family a puppy) the puppy tries to play and Baby completely ignores her (until the last straw where she’ll play for 2 minute intervals, lol).
    Because she’s my first daughter, it completely breaks my heart that her time seems to be getting close to the end. She’s slowing down, breathing heavier, getting that gray “beard” and not wanting to play-fight with her mommy anymore.
    When I get a house I’ll get more, probably three like you have. I’ve never met better dogs than my pitbulls; they will always be part of our family.
    I’m a firm believe that it’s the owner’s fault for most bad deeds done, dogs are like people, you have to give respect and earn respect. No matter what breed.
    You want a mean dog? Get a flippin’ chihuahua, those suckers are evil.

  2. I am also a pit owner. I rescued mine – ok I stole him from my neighbor who had him tied to a fence for four days. Poor little man was 5 months old and it was March in Philly. So…yeah!

    Folks always assume that he is aggressive, but there isn’t anything farther from the truth. He is gentle, especially with children. He loves girls, just like his mommy. He isn’t a fan of boys. He avoids them, just like his mommy!

    The other day we were hiking a trail in Redwoods Regional when we encountered a woman, her bf/husband, and their three little dogs. She began to pick her dogs up and I said “oh he is friendly” to which she said “but he looks..” and I said “looks, what?” Sure, his head is the size of each of her dogs, but looks are deceiving? I have worked with him alot to make sure that he listens and is well behaved. Yet, folks still judge him….breaks my heart!

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