8/22 log

I have a post about carbs and grains and kool-aid brewing, so stay tuned.


Warmup: 1 mile run

Front Squats (cleaning barbell to start): 20@45, 12@65, 10@85, 6@95, 5@105, 3@110 (could have squatted more, but I was limited by how much I could clean with my injured back)

Overhead squats: 3 x 10 @ 65

5 x max rep kipping pullups, max hold handstands

Cleans: 15@65, 15@75, 10@80, 8@85, 8@95, 5@100

15 minutes of hill sprints


B: green smoothie (blueberry, spinach, cucumber, avocado, raw protein, almond milk)

S: cherries

L: salad (greens, cuke, bell peppers, radishes, olives, avocado, tofu, dijon vinaigrette)

S: clif bar on the road

D: almond milk, apricots, 2 veggie burgers

S: several large handfuls of trail mix (with chocolate!)

Calories: ~3000, didn’t track today but kept a loose count in my head

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