9/12 Log

Day three of MyPlate. I’m having a hard time getting in all my grain servings. Not because of the amount, I don’t think 9 ounces is all that much. It’s because I don’t like grain products any more. They taste bland to me. Boring. Not worth the calories. But I soldier on. Today I ended up eating rice cakes with avocado to meet my requirements. I would have preferred to just eat the avocado plain, to be honest, the rice cakes did nothing to enhance the experience. I am finding myself craving green smoothies madly, which also happened when I was eating paleo.

I did manage to fulfill all my recommended intakes. I went way over on fruits and veg, as I suspect will continue to be the case. I can meet my requirements for less than 2000 calories, which leave 600+ calories of my allotment to fill as I wish, and fruits and vegetables are my wish.

B:Green smoothie (spinach, blueberry, cucumber, avocado, raw protein, unsweetened soy milk)
S: cashew cookie larabar
L: 4 ounces worth of savory quinoa pancakes with salsa, green smoothie made from pear, cucumber and spinach
S: almonds and rice cakes with avocado
D: zucchini pancakes w/ avocado
S: another blueberry/spinach/avocado smoothie

Calories: 2568
Carb: 328g
Protein: 140g
Fat: 97g
Sat Fat: 14g
Fiber: 79g

10 minutes on stair climber
3 sets of max rep dead hang pullups
Deadlift: 20 @ 45, 15 @ 135, 10 @ 155, 10 @ 165, 5 x 2 @ 185
Press: 3 x 15 @ 45
Power clean: 3 x 5 @ 65, 3 x 5 @ 75, 3 x 5 @ 85, 3 x 5 @ 95
1 mile jog

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