9/13 Log

MyPlate FAIL today, I only managed to fit in 4 grain servings. That really does seem to be the hardest part for me. I was so busy I fell back on my regular eating habits. Who would have ever thought the day would come that I would have to struggle to fit enough bread into my diet?

B: green smoothie
L: dr. praegers’ california burgers (2) wrapped in whole wheat tortillas.
S: cashew cookie larabar
D: salad w/ shredded beets, olives, beel peppers, crumbled tofu, sesame dressing
S: green smoothie

I can pack a lot of calories into my smoothies, btw, in case anyone looks at my daily menus and is mystified as to how I manage to get my calorie count so high.

Cals: 2743
Carb: 324
Protein: 158
Fat: 117
Sat Fat: 14
Fiber: 83

20 minutes of high intensity core work (just fast paced, no rest)
Squat/pullups superset (10 squats @ 115/max rep pullups)
30 minutes of clean and jerks. Worked up to a one rep max (115, a bit off my pr), then 40 @ 70#

5 thoughts on “9/13 Log

  1. Not a very good experiment without meeting the requirements, is it ha ha? 😛
    I've never met anyone that doesn't like grains. I would probably fail due to overeating grains… I love em!

  2. Right? The main point of this experiment is to determine whether grains will cause me to become obese in the absence of excess energy or develop leaky gut or disabling mineral deficiencies or some other nasty purported side effect of grain consumption according to the USDA guidelines. Because they're evil now, you know. Grains that is. The USDA has always been evil. 😉

    I used to like grains, especially my homemade bread. My palate has changed so much though! I'm surprised that even my own bread just seems bland now.

  3. PS riri, I will post a recipe for the quinoa pancakes this evening when I get a chance. I'm not ignoring your question!

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