9/16 Log

Not too much to report today, got my grain servings in in the form of 4 whole wheat tortillas and a cupcake. Yep, a cupcake. With frosting and everything. Weigh in tomorrow morning, 1 week in. Who wants to make a wager? Will I have gained weight? I have been eating an awful lot of grains after all. 9 whole ounces a day.

B: green smoothie
S: 2 cashew larabars
L: 2 praegers’ california burgers in 2 whole wheat tortillas
D: same as lunch, plus an apple
S: green smoothie

Cal: 2402
Carb: 289
Protein: 116
Fat: 106

1.7 mile run
3 max hold handstand
deadlift: 3 x 15 @ 115, 5 @ 165, 5 @ 185, 10 @ 115
a bunch of clean and jerks and overhead squats, didn’t keep track
1.3 miles on stairclimber

Wasn’t really feeling it today. Not one of my best workouts.

2 thoughts on “9/16 Log

  1. I had 2,100 calories (464 carbs) of white rice for dinner. 906 carbs for the day. Me and the rubber on my tires will be getting thinner tomorrow when I'm melting them off on the hwy kickin ass because of all that energy 🙂

  2. Dude, that's a lot of rice. You're livin' on the edge! Good thing white rice is paleo now. 😛

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