9/17 Log

First things first, I know you are all DYING to know what happened with my weigh in today? 1 week in to my MyPlate experiment and my weight this morning…

drumroll please…


What’s that you say? I lost 4 pounds? I LOST 4 POUNDS?!?!?!

I lost 4 pounds.

I’m going to explain why now. Paleo/primal readers, feel free to skip this part. You won’t believe it anyway.

See, I burn 3000-3500 calories on a normal day. I know this because I’ve been tracking my diet daily for over three years and I know how many calories it takes to start gaining weight, and how many it takes to lose weight. So when MyPlate gave me a daily allotment of 2600 calories I knew I would lose weight. No matter how many carbs I ate, or how many servings of grain, or how much fructose I consumed. Even if I ate 2600 calories a day of cupcakes, I knew I would lose weight. Some of the 4 pounds I lost was water weight, as depleting my glycogen stores via a calorie deficit also depletes the water that is bound to glycogen molecules. Over the next 3 weeks I will continue to lose weight, but not at as fast a pace. If I stay on a 2600 calorie diet indefinitely, I will continue to lose weight until I reach a body weight and activity level that requires 2600 calories a day to maintain. Even if all I eat is twinkies, I will lose weight until I reach that weight. And then I will maintain that weight until I die of malnutrition from eating only twinkies.

So there ya go.

Today’s log:

B: green smoothie
L: salad with chopped veggies, a bit of salmon, and an apple
S: cucumber/kale/honeydew juice
D: veg sushi with a ton of white rice. Needed to get those grain servings in.
S: honeydew. A whole honeydew.

Cal: 2769
Carb: 434
Protein: 127
Fat: 74


3 mile run, followed by
15 round of: 15 jumping pullups/15 box jumps/15 second handstand

4 thoughts on “9/17 Log

  1. No way. You lie!

    Guess I'll one up you. I worked out 3900 calories today, and only had time to eat 2600 via fruit. 600 carbs oh my!

    Oh, and I've been vegan for the past 2 weeks. 2 weeks without meat I'm sure to die of a protein and animal fat deficiency at any moment.

  2. Should note I start gaining around 4000. So 7900 is what I needed today. 2600 is what I got. Where did the rest of the calories come from? My body can't burn fat because I eat too many carbs.

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