Just Stopping in to Say Hi

Hi! Been too busy to blog the last couple days. I know I forgot to post my body fat percentage on Saturday when I posted my weigh in, it was 12.4%. That’s lower than this device has ever measured me at.


Still staying on program with MyPlate, it’s getting easier to get my grains in. I’d forgotten how comforting a big bowl of warm brown rice with a little olive oil and salt and pepper can be. Today’s calorie count was right about 2700.

Today’s workout:
squat: worked up to a 1 rep max, 155. That’s only 5 pounds off my PR, and I’ve been sidelined from heavy squatting for a month by this darn tailbone injury. That felt good! Then 5 x 5 @ 95. For the record, I squat well below parallel, as close to ATG as my stiff arthritic knees can go.
Several sets of pullups
Assisted dips: 15 w/ assist @ 120, 12 @ 100, 10 @ 80, 6 @ 60, 3 full bodyweight

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