10/1 Log

October 1st already? Where did the year go? Time is just whizzing by!

I made pancakes today, it’s been probably a year since I did that. My kids were delighted. They’re loving this MyPlate stuff! I used this recipe, it’s a favorite. Didn’t modify it at all, just used it to make pancakes instead of waffles. I had two for breakfast and two more later in the day, spread with natural peanut butter. Grains AND legumes, it’s a paleo nightmare! But oh so delicious. They weigh 2 oz each, so I’m counting each pancake as 2 grain servings. So that’s an easy 8 grain servings right there. One more later in the form of a whole wheat tortilla, and I’m golden. See, not so difficult after all! My workout for the day was a run, I originally planned for 3-4 miles, but felt great at mile 3.5 so decided to go a little further. I ended up at almost 7 miles, which is the longest run I’ve done in over a year, maybe even two. The last mile was a little challenging but overall I was amazed at how good I felt and how much energy I had. I usually hit a wall by mile 4. White rice for dinner last night and 4 generous pancakes today. Coincidence? I’m thinking no. Maybe I will eat more grains when I’m planning a long cardio session in the future.

Today’s food:
B: 2 pancakes with natural peanut butter
L: green smoothie
S: larabar
S: 2 pancakes w/ natural peanut butter
D: praegers’ veggie burgers wrapped in whole wheat tortilla
S: green smoothie

Cals: 2588
Carb: 286
Protein: 170
Fat: 104
Sat Fat: 14

Workout: 6.85 mile run

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