11/3 Log

I haven’t been logging for a while now and I’m feeling compelled to get back to it. I post my random thoughts on Twitter and interesting articles on my Facebook page, but here is where I really get to ramble on incoherently, and everyone needs to do that now and again.

If you haven’t been following me on Facebook, I’ve been focusing on high intensity interval workouts lately, with fewer workouts devoted to heavy lifting (although I’m throwing it in here and there), and virtually no long cardio sessions. I’m still gaining strength (PR’d my bench press by 15 pounds yesterday even though I hadn’t benched for 2+ months), and my unscientific body fat calculations (performed via looking in the mirror) indicate that I continue to add muscle mass and drop fat. I’m scheduled for a full blown hydrostatic body fat test on the 17th, so we’ll find out how much has changed over the last 6 months. I’m modelling my classes at Body Techniques after my own workouts, so for any Bay Area readers: come check it out! Yep, I’ll kick your ass (torture, as one of my clients says), but you’ll get results.

And without further ado, here’s today’s log.

Food (had a busy day with a lot of eating on the run, so relied on a few convenience items):
B: oatmeal w/ raw protein and cinnamon
S: 3 persimmons
L: green smoothie (kale, blueberry, avocado, raw protein)
S: clif builders bar (sorry, not real food)
D: green salad w/bell pepper, avocado, sardines, balsamic vinaigrette
S: chocolate almond milk w/scoop of raw protein

carb: 313
protein: 193
fat: 82

back squat: work up to 5 rep max
6 rounds: 12 back squats @ 65% 5RM/50 single unders

30 clean and jerk @ 80% 1RM (Grace, for you crossfitters)

See you tomorrow!

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