Paula Deen’s Diabetes and the Diet Wars

I was right! The vegans are blaming Paula Deen’s diabetes on animal products, and the paleos are blaming it on carbs! It’s convenient that she’s consumed ample amounts of each, isn’t it?
I’ve read a lot of studies and articles on the effect of lifestyle intervention on diabetes and metabolic disorder. Mostly because I HAD metabolic disorder and I wanted to figure out how to reverse it, before it turned into full blown diabetes, without drugs. What I found: tons and tons of studies with all sorts of different conclusions! Diabetes has been improved in clinical studies with: low carb diet, low fat diet, low cal diet, and exercise intervention only. My conclusion: ANY diet guru will be able to show a study (or two or three) showing their philosophy is the answer. So what was a well-read critical-thinker to do? I looked for common elements between all the interventions that were successful. There were two things they all had in common: an increase in amount of fruits and vegetables the study participants consumed (and parallel decrease in processed foods), and an increase in their physical activity.
So I made those two changes the foundation of my lifestyle change. And it worked. BOY did it work. I didn’t control for carbs OR fat (although I did keep my calories within my energy needs), I just ate a LOT more fruits and vegetables. And I got off my ass every day. And I KEPT DOING IT. Going on 3.5 years now.
So my advice: stop giving your time and money to shiesters claiming that if you buys their book/ebook/cookbook/diet/etc and cut out an entire food or macronutrient group you will magically become healthy. The science IS there and when not cherry picked and taken out of context, it shows one thing: exercise and nutrient density are the common threads that weave together to create health.

One thought on “Paula Deen’s Diabetes and the Diet Wars

  1. I think Paula Deen is only human and yes who wants to eat the skinny diet foods…But it is not only the foods she cooks and eats, it is what the government puts in out “wheat” and what they feed the animals that is a big cause of all the illness in this world. Hormones, cross breeding the wheat,things we can’t even name in our food labels. Good for her to say, “hey” I will start with cutting down and changing the way I cook and eat..She is not forceing anyone to eat the food she cooks. It is up to each and everyone to make the right choice, we all need to educate ourself in what to eat and how much. If I cook a meal for my kids and they do not like it because it is to healthy..They have a choice,……….Keep cooking those meals, but substitute for a better choice…then lard….Love ya!

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