No Weigh In April

Angie Gooding had an idea that is taking over the internet. Go a whole month without weighing yourself.

The idea fills me with terror.

The scale has been my constant companion for many years. It is part of my morning ritual, helps me determine how I will behave that day. I don’t hate it. I don’t feel enslaved by it. But I do wonder how my life might be different without it. And so I am joining with Angie in a statement that a person’s worth is not defined by the number on the scale. Over the next 30 days there will BE no number on the scale to influence my day. We’ve joined with several other facebook pages and blogs to create No Weigh In April. Join us in this social experiment, perhaps you will learn something about yourself! And if you have already chucked the scale, join us to support those who are taking on this challenge now! Share your stories, offer and receive support, help us create a new paradigm.

6 thoughts on “No Weigh In April

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  2. Wow, I am just reading this now and of course it is the end of April. I will try this in May!! I am on the scale far too often, but with any luck it will be a very exciting to see the number at the end of the month! I’m working on getting rid of some weight (a lot of weight)… so hopefully this will be very motivating!!

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  4. Cool idea!

    I don’t own a scale and haven’t used one in years. I really only get weighed when I go to the doctor’s office, and I ask that he doesn’t tell me the number. I get weird about it, and have no clue why.

    Giving up the scale has been great for me.

  5. Eating a low-carb version of paleo has helped me managed my diabetes without medication, lose almost 65 lbs. and basically changed my life. but ok i have become a little obsessed with the scale, i admit. and while my eating this past two months has been pretty clean, between an inconsistent workout schedule and starting the pill again, i have had a constant weight-loss/gain cycle of a five or so pounds that i am unreasonably obsessed over. so this is very good timing. Beginning today i am not stepping on the scale ONCE this month. i am also committed to keeping my eating clean and getting my butt to the gym a minimum of 3 to-4 times per week. honest. i have set up accountability for this with some people that i KNOW will follow through…i will report a running tally of weigh- ins and workouts to them daily. Here we go! :)

  6. I am sweaty and nervous just thinking about the “loss” of this new companion. In January I started incorporating changes with diet and exercise and the scale has been my advocate, verifying that I have been being good to myself, almost cheering me on! My husband keeps telling me to ignore it, it is just a number, great when giving the news I want to hear, but this week I was so upset at my first week since starting to have a 1 lb increase. Seeing the No Weigh in made me realize I have control and the scale doesn’t own me, and I need to give myself the credit, love, and support that a number can’t give me.
    I have always weighed more than the average woman, even at my fittest. 6 years ago, size 4/6 my mother and I shared clothes. She is maybe 5’1″ and 120 lbs, while I was 5’5″ and 150 lbs. I understand I will never be 125, and am totally fine with that, but have been obsessed with watching my numbers drop every other day.
    So, from January 16 to March 31 I have lost 19 lbs, am wearing beautifully relaxed and comfortable clothing, love seeing my collar bones smiling at me in the mirror, and maybe I am not so embarrassed when my super fit natural bodybuilding husband sees me naked…
    I am beautiful, strong, courageous and brave and I can keep myself healthy and continue on this journey without relying on a piece of equipment that cannot possibly tell me how incredibly sexy my biceps are getting!

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