A Renewed Mission Statement

I never really have defined my mission here. I’ve been thinking about it lately, as my facebook page has been evolving quickly and it’s come up a couple times.

I started my little blog about 4 years ago simply to document my weight loss journey, share recipes, and highlight stories and people that inspired me. It had a different name then, ‘My Inner Hillbilly’. I later changed it to ‘Couch to 70.3′, and then finally to ‘Go Kaleo’ about a year ago. You can find those early posts still on my blog, as you go ‘back in time’ you will see how my diet and philosophy evolved over time. In the beginning a lot of what I did and said was fairly stereotypical, run-of-the-mill stuff that people new to ‘real food’ do and say.

As I grew and learned more I started to see how similar the different fitness and dietary dogmas actually are, and started to recognize the predatory tactics of the fitness and diet gurus. I realized I’d been had. And that people I care about are being had. And that a lot of the dogma out there isn’t simply a money-making scam: it undermines a person’s self-confidence and sets up a mentality of powerlessness. In some people, quite a LOT of people, it can lead to very disordered and self-destructive thought processes and behaviors. I’m not calling out any specific dogma here. MOST dogmas are like this, including the one I bought into early on in my journey.

When I started this blog, and later my facebbok page, I didn’t have a vision for it. It was simply a way to stop spamming my personal FB friends with info they weren’t interested in. It’s not an income stream and I have no plans to make it one. What’s it’s growing into is my attempt to call out the BS in the fitness/weight loss/diet industry, teach people to recognize those predatory (and often downright emotionally abusive, really) tactics, to encourage them to recognize their body’s inner wisdom and confidently grow forward into a life that supports their own unique goals, needs and JOY.

4 thoughts on “A Renewed Mission Statement

  1. So, I’ve been directed to your blog multiple times by a bunch of different people, and I’m glad I’ve found you. It’s funny…I started my own blog just to try to publicly rationalize and understand my nutrition/diet journey, and it turned into a way for me to start to strip through the lies I’ve been fed (literally and figuratively)–and ultimately the lies, misinformation, and cultural pressures that led to my developing an eating disorder and an exercise obsession.

    Anyway, all that to say, thank you and keep writing…We need as many voices of reason to just keep screaming through all of the noise and bs out there…and then maybe we’ll be heard. :)

  2. I’m sort of in the middle of my health journey right now. I’m just figuring out how to eat clean, and I’m transforming my diet, my husband’s and my son’s little by little. In fact, I just wrote about diet today. Found your blog through an article in Copyblogger of all places. :)

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