A Conversation You Need to Overhear

  • ______ Feeling like it’s a contest to see who can eat the least is somehow socially acceptable- but suddenly when people start voiceing how much they are eating suddenly feathers get ruffled. Everyone is here because they are EXTREMELY smart, educated and knowledge about diet and nutrition- so much so they dieted their way into a fear of not being able to eat. EAT- the most basic human function. A baby 1 minute old knows how to eat- and most of us here have lost that ability. I think everyone here, being so smart about nutrition is smart enough to “police” themselves and check themselves if they are eating to the other “extreme”- only they would know that.
  • Amber Evangeline Rogers Good point, if we were comparing how strict and restrictive our diets were there’d be much less ‘concern’. THAT is socially acceptable. THANK you for voicing this. You are right, and I hadn’t even seen it.
  • Amber Evangeline Rogers And on that same note, when men joke around about being able to put away large amounts of food, even less ‘optimal’ food, no one bats an eyelash.
  • ________ Diets are the foot binding of our culture.

  • ________ It’s sort of a badge of honor, among the bros, who can out-eat everyone else.

  • ________ Exactly, Amber Evangeline Rogers! Ever since I joined this group, I’ve been thinking a lot of the backlash Amber has experienced on her blog and other places on the internet is not so much because she advocates moderation (although that is part of it) but because she empowers women to take back their own bodies.
    Amber Evangeline Rogers It is. My friend posted a video of himself eating an entire cheesecake and got high fives (it WAS awesome. And oh, dudebro is ripped). Not a single ‘oh I’m concerned about the message you might be sending’ or ‘as long as you’re not doing it every day’ or whatever.
    The above conversation just happened on facebook. I edited out the names to respect people’s privacy, but I wanted others to read this.

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  2. Word!!! Love it. There’s a thread on Siouxcountry right now http://www.siouxcountry.com/showthread.php?t=24803 where a fellow is talking about how much his girlfriend eats in her offseason (about 2000 calories with “cheat” meals, etc.) and how easy it is for her to lean out for competition (increase her HIIT sessions to a couple per week and cut out cheats) because she stays pretty lean all the time eating this way with no SS cardio, just weight training. I’m like, “Right on! Good for her. Thumbs up.” One very well known trainer who claims to know all is skeptical. Here’s what he said: “I would find that tremendously hard to believe. Two HIIT workouts doesn’t burn a lot of calories. 2000 calories in at 132 lbs is 15x bodyweight. This is generally maintenance for one with a ‘healthy’ metabolism.” I’m telling you, his post made me livid. If she creates a deficit by upping her activity and eating a little less (not an absolute shit ton less), why WOULDN’T she lose the little bit of fat she needs to to get to a competition weight??? It’s pretty simple! Her metabolism is primed and burning, baby. The attitude and assumptions of this trainer are among the things that keep women thinking they have to starve and struggle to have a “fit” body, and it’s bullshit!! EAT. MORE. FOOD.

    • I once got into it with a male trainer who claimed that most women only need 1500 calories or so to maintain. I was like DUDE, my *BMR* is 1900, tested via hydrostatic weighing. He called me a liar!

      • F### him.

        I didn’t realize that so many folks were in denial of how much food you need until readng this site and finding out.
        It’s weird.

  3. “Diets are the foot binding of our culture.” CORRECT. Kaleo/Amber, I think I’m about your age, I’m so glad I was exposed to the zine-arific, Riot Grrl ideas in the 90s. Of course, rejecting the stupid diet culture is no easy job … about once every few years it rears its ugly head in my social milieu, or worse, my own head. Keep up the good fight!

  4. It’s so true. Tho I am making a difference in my office… people notice what I eat and how much I eat… (I am 42 yr old woman – used to be larger – now much more dense and muscular and smaller looking – size 8) I eat A LOT. A LOT. A 6’5″ guy in my office pays homage to me and says I’m his hero because I out eat him all the time. Others have started to pay attention…. I hear them say they are giving up soda, buying more veggies, eating more real food vs. fritos and other man-made junk food. It’s interesting. I am teased quite a bit but now people are noticing it’s a lasting change and I stay fit looking and athletic looking and perform because of the food I eat and how much of it I eat. And yes, I indulge in ice cream and sweet tater fries from time to time… and jelly beans at Easter… grin. Spread the conversation! Lead through example! EAT THE FOOD!

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