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Taking Up Space: My Guide to Eating to Support a Healthy Weight

From the Amazon description:

'Can I get an 'AMEN!'?! This is so simple, and makes so much sense! If you have to white-knuckle your way down to a weight and struggle miserably to maintain it, how is that 'ideal'? About a month ago I found Go Kaleo, started tracking my food, upped my protein and calorie intake, and I've lost weight AND inches! All that weight training I've been doing is finally noticeable! But the miracle is that I'm not obsessed with food every day, I'm not fighting cravings and feeling hopeless, like if I lost my focus for one minute I'd blow it. I'm not afraid of food anymore! I feel like Go Kaleo has let me in on the 'secret' to being healthy' You are changing lives.' ~Denise

In a weight loss world where grueling 1200-calorie diets are the mainstream standard for weight loss, accompanied with long lists of evil foods to avoid, Amber Rogers, aka 'Go Kaleo' is the voice of reason.

Being healthy and finding your healthy weight simply doesn't work when it's hard. It works best when it's easy. Go Kaleo puts practicality and sustainability first ' two concepts often completely eliminated from popular diets in pursuit of quick, albeit impermanent results.

While most recommend eating as little food as possible and doing as much exercise as one can bear, Taking Up Space advocates finding the MAXIMUM amount of calories and minimum number of paranoid restrictions that still gets results.

In the book, Go Kaleo talks about her incredible 80-pounds of slow, effortless, hunger and craving-free weight loss that never came back ' all on a steady diet of 2800 calories a day with a few good workouts a week. No big cravings for carbs, meat, fat, or sweets ' as these were things that she was eating in ample abundance every day.

After reaching a healthy goal, what did she do? She increased calories even more only to find that this allowed her to build toned muscle and shed more fat than ever before.

Taking Up Space also contains some passionate and important discourse on getting past the illusions created by fake tans and Photoshop, and realizing that what everyone is increasingly thinking are 'flaws' are actually quite normal aspects of human physiology.

This book sets a new standard in approaching weight loss in a lasting way. It is the future of how better health and better bodies will be attained once the rest of the world realizes how counterproductive extreme approaches really are.
''You can get better, you can get stronger, you can get healthier, you can be MORE. You can't restrict, reduce, eliminate your way to any of these things. Yes, you can lose weight, but there is a healthier, saner, more sustainable way to do it.' ~Go Kaleo

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll recognize many of the themes I cover in this book. I’ve tied several of my more important posts together to create a more cohesive guide that will give you the basics on energy balance, maintenance of a healthy weight, self respect and self care, and a path forward out of the diet maze.

First 100 Days Beginners Program

'Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.' -Arthur Ashe

One of the questions I get asked frequently is how to get into shape when you're an absolute beginner. If you've been sedentary for years, don't have a history of athleticism, don't know your way around a gym, are deconditioned or simply don't know where to begin, this program is for you.

What can you expect? We'll start slowly, with basic exercises and simple routines. Early on, the workouts can be done without any equipment, and as you progress through them you'll build on skills you learned in earlier workouts and add in equipment and intensity. The 'goal' of this program is to build functional strength, familiarize you with traditional exercises, and improve cardiovascular endurance. If you have more specific goals, such as running a 5k or working toward an aesthetic goal, this probably isn't the right program for you. This program contains a lot of variety. I wrote it this way for three reasons: to keep you from getting bored, to build a broad base of skills and generalized fitness, and to allow you to try out different exercise styles so you can start to identify things you enjoy. At the end of these 100 days you'll be stronger and fitter than you are now, you'll have more confidence in yourself, and you'll have an idea of where you want to go from here.

Basic Lifting Routine

My Basic Lifting Routine is a simple, straightforward, progressive resistance program that can be useful for people of any fitness level. It includes 6 short but intense full body workouts, each incorporating compound multijoint exercises that improve strength, functionality, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. We focus on the basics here (hence the name): squats, deadlifts, presses, rows and an array of bodyweight exercises that will be both doable for the beginner, and challenging for more experienced exercisers. When you complete the 6th workout, you start over, adding weight, reps and/or intensity each subsequent workout, so this routine can be used indefinitely: you will continue to get stronger and faster.

11 thoughts on “One Week Download Sale

  1. Hi there! I am a very recent follower of your blog and loving it! I found you via Everyday Paleo. I have quite a few questions for you but going to spend more time digging deeper into past posts and see if they are answered =)

    I’m interested in your Basic Lifting Routine but curious if I will need a spotter on many/any of the exercises… I can’t quite seem to convince any friends to start lifting with me and I’m going it alone right now… Thanks so much!

    • No, you won’t be working near your 1 rep max, so you’ll be fine without a spotter. :) Welcome!

      • Looks great! I’m excited! I couldn’t wait for your response… I bought it 2 seconds after posting my question =) I’m eager to start focusing on weights more… I think we have very similar builds and I am probably b/w your 5th & 6th pictures above… 100% embracing the beauty in strength and don’t really have any real goals other than continuing this journey… I guess a goal might be continued strength with minimum time in the gym? Busy mom of two boys and want to prove we don’t have to be slaves to our fitness program… Set that healthy example, I suppose. (more balance b/w upper body/no chest and slimming the hips would be welcomed, I must admit!) I turned 40 last summer and feel really good… Striving for that balance! Thank you!

  2. Hi
    Just bought basic lifting routine. Wanted to ask there are 6 workouts. Do you just mix & match the workouts ? So let’s say If I train 3 times per week. I’ll do workout 1 4 & 6 if I like?! Or any other combination. Or you do workout 1 three times per week. Each week increasing the reps or load etc.
    many thanks amber. I’ve also bough taking up the space when you released it. Love it. X

    • They’re designed to be done in order, either twice a week or 3 times a week. You can mix and match if you want though, it won’t do any harm. :)

  3. Hi, I am interest in purchasing your e books. What would be the beat to start with. I’m look for direction/program for weights and cardio and diet. Appreciate your input. Also, how does the download work? Can I download this to a pad device?
    :) Thanks again!

  4. Hi Amber,
    I purchased the basic lifting routine, and am having a difficult time finding your workout video tutorials. I tried searching “workout 1″ on your channel and the first video that pops up is a bodyweight workout that doesn’t seem to match the exercises listed in the pdf. Can you please direct me to the video tutorials that will explain workout 1, 2, 3 and so on?

  5. Hi Amber, Thanks for the discount! It was just what I needed to finally purchase your exercise program, which I’ve been curious about for a while, especially as we seem to have similar body types. I already have Taking Up Space, which I devoured'you make so much frigging sense. I’ve been using the calculator and keeping in mind the profound yet simple concepts you share and already feel calmer about and more in control of my whole fitness journey'and less like a victim. I even blogged about you.

    Really I just wanted to say that I am truly grateful I discovered you'through Nia Shanks, who I found through my trainer and friend Michelle Collier of Performance Fitness near Philly.

    Cant wait to dive in to the basic lifting routine.

    All the best!

  6. HI, I was wondering if this is still available? I’d love to download your book!
    I recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading it! I have been mixed up on “what & how to eat” for the longest time. Thanks for putting this great info out here.

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