I’m Awesome and So Are You

Your ‘flaws’ do not define you.

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91 thoughts on “I’m Awesome and So Are You

  1. I have SO MUCH LOVE for these!!! I’m bookmarking this and coming back whenever I need a reality check/asskicking. We are all AWESOME in our own perfectly imperfect ways.


  2. This post is as “awesome as fuck”, I’m going to share it will all my girls!! Thanks Amber

  3. I’m getting married in September and I was stressing about my dress and “being skinny” for my wedding. I want to thank you, though, for all of your posts. My plan now is to be active, eat, and enjoy life and my wedding will be amazing no matter my dress size. Thank you for helping me be healthy! You rock!

  4. THIS is awesomeness! Love all of your beauty and bad assness. Thanks for motivating!

  5. Yeah dudes!!!!!!!!!!
    I seriously love you. I love all these ladies. I love all the awesomeness contained herein. It is awesome. You are awesome.
    WE ARE AWESOME!!! '?

    Thanks for this – seriously.


  6. JUST discovered this blog and I’m SO HAPPY THAT I DID. I just wrote two epic posts on my blog about body image, and diets, and the fact that everything needs to change. This was an affirmation for me that things already are changing – we’re in the midst of it. Well done. '?

  7. I’m on a blog! I’ve never been on a blog before! That is more than just a little awesome.

  8. This is REAL!!! I love it.
    These are priceless! My all time favorite is the lady that loves cock!! lol

  9. This made my day, and is exactly what I needed to see. Keep up the awesomeness, ladies. You inspire me to do the same.

  10. Yeah, I cried reading this post. We’re all awesome as fuck, oh yes we are. After a lifetime of fighting my body, I’ve had a body/mind awakening. I started eating real food and exercising for fun. I’m turning 40 next month, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been (though not thinner), and I just bought myself a bikini–my first since I was 19. I had always planned to get a bikini “when I really looked good” or “after I lost the baby belly.” Screw that. Today I look like a human being living in the world. I feel amazing and I’ll wear my bikini now, while I’m living my life. Your inspiration here has meant a lot to me. Thanks so much! Like, really.

    • That’s awesome. Don’t live in the idea of what society thinks we need to be.

  11. This is such great post. I was feeling overwhelmed and now just feel awesome. I shared it with my friends.

    Thank you!

  12. This made me cry after “feeling” like the fattest woman at the grocery store tonight (at a strong 5’9″ and 150lbs) because of a weekend of ice cream, beer, and pizza.

    But I just walked two hefty bags full of clothes and shoes 6 blocks to the donation box

    Because I’m also awesome and so are you.

  13. Holy crap, I love this! I love these women!

    Just got back from two doctors’ appointments where the docs in question were quite put off by my indifference to my ‘unsightly’ acne and discolored front tooth, and towards spending the money/taking the scary drugs needed to ‘cure’ them. Wanted to tell ’em they’d be the first to call if I ever woke up and found myself giving a fuck. But after two and a half decades of ‘unsightliness’, it was unlikely to happen.

    Thank you SO MUCH for the clincher to my conviction.

    • Good for you. Rolling my eyes how women’s bodies are seen as a moneymaking opportunity!

      Just went to a party and got back in touch with a really great woman who had recently broken her nose in a bike accident, and had to have plastic surgery to correct it. What is creepy is how the surgeon tried to up-sell her on several other procedures! Including skin lightening because she is naturally freckled. And this is an unusually beautiful woman — by my personal standards, and also by conventional standards! Thank goodness she refused everything except the necessary nose-fixing.

    • Buncha clowns sitting in their mom’s basement making fun of people on the internet? Wow, I’m so worried about what they think. Dur dur dur dur.

    • I wonder what it is that we should be careful of? “Safety first!”, is my motto and I prefer to know the dangers I’m facing.

      • Just dumbasses saying stupid things. '?

        (Not threatening things. Just mindless, insecure blathering.)

  14. ….loves cock….pees when i run….both made me snort coffee out of my nose at work while reading this. MADE MY DAY! thanks!

  15. So awesome, thank you!!!

    I signed up for my first powerlifting competition, and I am not worrying about the 3 pounds I would have to lose to get into the next lower weight class. Competing as is!

  16. I love this so much I don’t even have words! Such incredible inspiration. I’m going to make my own version.

  17. Age 30. Dislocating shoulder. Arthritis. Slow like a turtle and broad as a linebacker. Deadlifts 290. Benches 145. Lifts like a boss, laughs from my belly and smiles from the inside. Wingspan to hold up all the people I love. I’m awesome as fuck as so are you.

    Amazing post! Our ‘flaws’ are what make us fantastic. And really – who’s to judge that they are flaws anyway? Last I checked, so-called thick thighs are nothing but sexy.

  18. Ladies,

    As a dude with a wife that struggles with self image, I commend you on your strength. Flaws or not, the best part about you is your attitude. You ARE awesome as fuck! Combine that confidence with kindness and grace, you are unstoppable and on the verge of world domination.

    Carry on!

  19. I think we need to throw away this ridiculous idea of “flaws” when we talk about perfectly normal, healthy bodies. I didn’t even know “thigh gap” was a thing until recently. I’ve lived 40 years without knowing I even had this “flaw.” My thighs are “thick” because that’s just the way I’m built — it’s where I’m strong and where my body stores extra energy. It’s not a flaw in design, it’s the fucking beauty of the design. And it’s the same with the way our bodies change after pregnancy and childbirth, and with age. It’s natural, it’s normal, it’s human, and it’s beautiful.

    We are awesome because we’re living life and kicking ass in our own ways. And we’re not awesome “in spite of” anything.

    Woman, Mother, Human Being
    Loved and Loving

    I am awesome, and so are you.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. Thank you. Let’s stop obsessing about flaws. It implies that there is a standard, ONE PERFECT STANDARD, and there is not. I refuse to think so, anyway.

  20. Great project. Love the smiles and pride and confidence.

    I don’t understand why there are so many crude uses of “fuck.” It belittles an otherwise commendable effort that I wish my young daughters could see. The use of so many “fucks” is a distraction from the greater intent.

  21. Dang it! I totally should have mentioned my Harry Potter obsession in mine. I’m even wearing my lightning-bolt-scar head band in the photo.

  22. This is amazing and totally what I needed to read today. Thank you.

    Is this a thing where people can still submit their own photos? Because I’d like to be a part of this.

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  24. I like the “what I can do” approach. When I first started turning my life around in middle age I took the “what should I eat” approach, and while obsessive concern with what I ate did result in weight loss I grew a little depressed because I would crash and burn while trying to do the things I wanted to do, like I was repeatedly trying to break through a brick wall.

    There is no end to the advice on the internet on what you should eat, if you are not careful it becomes all-consuming and you wind up arguing over the length of your telomeres and glucose spikes. I used to spend a good part of the day thinking about what would be the optimal food for me to have for dinner.

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  26. Could I be featured in this? I am a recovered anorexic and finally have accepted my body and would like to be an inspiration for others

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  28. this is probably the greatest thing ever.
    i am laughing and crying and happy and sad and feeling awesome and loving all these ladies so much!!

    • I totally agree with Adrienne! Sometimes in our lives we get what we need, right when we need it. What I needed today was to see this post, more than anything in the entire world.
      Low self-esteem is the recurring toxin in my life. People always say “list out your strengths” in order to improve your self-esteem. But when I’m feeling really low, it actually makes me cry to try to do this. I love, LOVE the concept of listing so-called weaknesses and then basically telling them to fuck off. They don’t matter. We all have them, and we’re more than that anyway.
      I am almost 41. I’ve got cankles, thunder thighs, bat wing triceps, crooked teeth, wrinkles and really ugly feet. I have fibromyalgia and lean toward the depressive. I am distrustful and morbidly insecure. But guess what else – I quit smoking almost a year ago and started (gradually!) running instead. I lift heavy things and eat the food. I support animal rights and small local farmers and food producers. I’m unwilling to sit on the sidelines and watch life go by. There’s much more to me than my cankles! I’m fucking awesome.

  29. CELEBRATE!!!

    I’m 71 (am I excluded?), cruise on my bike 10-20 miles per day, ride in the Fall Classic (35 miles), eat FOOD, do 20-min. of upper body free weights work X3 each week, feel vibrantly healthy, meditate, know that *change* is the only constant, and LOVE seeing other women accepting, no, LOVING themselves as.they.are. Go US — we’re fucking AWESOME!

  30. This is GREAT! I find myself at work with no access to the original pictures to make one, myself, but this has me grinning and feeling so bad ass at the same time! '? Thanks, Amber, for doing this!

    If you’re still accepting them, I’ll email you mine tonight! '?

  31. THIS IS COMPLETELY INSPIRING!!!!!!!!!!! We as women are our own worst critics, when we should be our biggest supporters and cheerleaders. We are wonderful!!! Strong beyond measure and beautiful inspite of what others say is not. Keep it up Kaleo.

  32. Always the tallest girl in the room
    Broad shoulders
    Breasts that have never passed the pencil test
    Flabby belly
    Stupendous legs (even with no thigh gap and hinky knees)
    Really bad feet
    Can't ride a bike
    Limitless stamina (I may not be able to run very far or fast but I can out walk anyone) and bulldog persistence
    Great kisser
    Drink wine every day
    Eat the chicken skin and the pork fat with no apologies
    62 years old and still fucking awesome

    • Haha! I don’t know what this “pencil test” is, but it sounds painful. Does it test for fucking AWESOME Bet not!! '?

      • Put a pencil underneath your breast. Let go. If it doesn’t roll out, your breasts are “saggy.”


        I would like to quote Brett Butler from the show Grace Under Fire: “Pencil? I can keep two cans of cat food under a breast! Don’t ask me how I know that.”

  33. I stumbled upon your blog, etc. because of a Facebook friend liking something that caught my eye. I am so lucky! This is so much of what I think as well as what I need. I can’t wait to make my dealio…what do you call it and how do I do it?

  34. This is fucking awesome!

    I am 43 and see myself in so many of these ladies. Lately, I find my inner talk centered on ‘fuck what other people think, I am doing great. Fuck them all.”. I don’t know if it is an age thing but I just feel so confident. Sure, I want to be fit to be able to live up to my mental state but you can’t stop living until that happens.

    Thanks Amber and all you wonderful, brave ladies.

  35. I was doing a crazy diet which I knew would not have lasting results until I read this today. I can not thank you and my fellow women for sharing themselves like this. We are real – we are strong and our “imperfections” are what makes us the unique individuals that we are. You all have helped me embrace this and accept myself. Bravo you brave, strong and wonderful women. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  36. Can I make one I’m not sure how, but if I figure it out, can I

  37. The funny thing is, these ladies are pointing out their “flaws” in their self-descriptions, but I don’t see them at all. It just goes to show how we all beat ourselves up and how little of those things we hate about ourselves are noticed by others.

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  40. it makes me really sad that there are no skinny/petite women here. all this “LOL NO THIGH GAPS” and stuff sounds like there is something overrated or bad about having one.

    • I’m in there and I’ve been told repeatedly lately that I’m too skinny/too thin/too lean.

      • i don’t think it is bad to have a thigh gap if that is where your body is. but it is bad if you are starving yourself to try and get there. and as far as it being sad that thinner petite girls are not represented i think that is because they did not send in a picture …..i could be wrong but that would be my guess

  41. Great band—Savages:

    Lyric excerpt:


  42. I was literally crying reading these amazing posts. Thanks to all who shared. Y’all are effing amazing! And I guess I am too '?

  43. This is by far the most beautiful piece I have ever read. Thank you so much for putting this together. We are all in this life together, and we are all so flipping awesome!

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