My Opinions on Controversial Topics, Twitterized

People like short sound bites, so I decided to share my stance on several controversial topics in 140 characters or less. If you want to go a little deeper, I’ve linked to related blog posts beneath each topic.

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Carbs: If you can, eat them. If you can’t, you need a doctor, not a diet book.

See –> Melkor Picks Up The Baton and Fixing. Not Just Band-Aiding the Symptoms.

Sugar: If you are healthy and active it’s totally fine in moderation. If you are unhealthy or addicted you need medical treatment, not a diet book.

See –> Sugar Addiction, Moderation: The Alcoholism Argument, and Sugar and Diabetes Risk: Perspective on the Study.

Gluten: If you have celiac or are intolerant, it’s best to avoid. If you are healthy it’s fine in moderation.

See –> Magic Pills, Food Villains and the Allure of the Shiny Red Herring.

Cardio: If you enjoy it, do as much of it as you like, just make sure you eat enough to support it. If you don’t like it it’s fine to skip it. Lift.

See –> Sorry, Science Says Running is Good For You, Not Bad.

Six-Pack Abs: Mostly genetics.

See –> Visible Abs.

Cellulite: Normal characteristic of healthy human female. Not a flaw. Treatments are mostly full of crap. Save your money.

See –> Cellulite: It’s Time We All Just Get the Hell Over It.

Extreme Diets: Not a fan.

See –> Fad Diets: Normalizing Disordered Behavior and Moderation is Evidence Based.

BMI: An imperfect measure of mortality risk. Lifestyle and genetics are more important factors.

See –> I Am Overweight.

Calories: They matter. They are not the ONLY thing that matters, but they matter.

See –> The Great Calories Vs. Food Quality Debate.

Adrenal Fatique: Call me skeptical. Eat enough food. Get enough sleep. Get regular sunlight. If you’re still sick, you need a doctor, not a diet book.

See –> Adrenal Fatigue as a Cover for Starvation.

Doctors: Some doctors suck. That doesn’t mean we should discard the entire lot. If you feel your doctor is dismissing you, find a better one!

See –> Go Maleo.

GMOs: I’m not worried. If you are, buy organic!

And last but not least…

Vaccines: Get them.

See –> Vaccines, magic diets and getting medical advice on the internet

10 thoughts on “My Opinions on Controversial Topics, Twitterized

  1. What a great idea for a blog post! And these are all the things people are curious about anyway, all in one post and, as you said, bite-sized info. Mind if I use the idea for a blog post (and of course credit you)? Love it!

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  3. You are so on! With all of the information and contradictory information, it is nice to read someone write how I feel too.

  4. I am so with you on all of these!!! Saw your page over at Bonnie’s place…

    I have a post tomorrow on eating disorders & part of it is about this thing with cutting out whole foods groups & telling others that this is the way you have to eat. I eat carbs & sugar treats (moderation), I watch calories but use other means for weight maintenance with age – I just love this post!!!

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  6. I love this post – thank you for being so real & super inspiring! I share your website with a lot of my friends & clients. Keep up your amazing work – you are inspiring many!

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