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Unfortunately, I can’t think of a way to sell you supplements to cure undereating and sleep deprivation, though. So lets call it [insert fad diagnosis], and I’ll sell you a crap load of supplements and a cleanse to cure you.

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27 thoughts on “Choose Your Diagnosis

  1. Pseudoscientific altmed guru physicians feed on half truths and convince people that they’re the ones that have finally figured out what was wrong with them by ordering tests that are either not standardized or are simply full of it. There’s a reason that is called alternative medicine. It can’t stand up to the rigors of hard science. If it could, it wouldn’t be alternative. If something works for you, great. But don’t go assuming that you feel better because your brilliant functional medicine “doctor” cured you. Our brains are very complex and the placebo effect is real. The reasons you feel better are likely complex and not because you started taking their supplements to support a tissue that doesn’t need supported outside of good nutrition and adequate sleep (adrenal fatigue). Not one study supports such a disease actually exists. If you’re told you have it, beware.

  2. People go see a doctor for your medical problems! This is just a blog, not to be substututed for a medical professionals treatment or advice. Use your heads and stop being so contrary all the time.

    • Agreed. NO ONE should be getting their medical information from a blog or diet book. Including mine. Work with a medical professional who knows your history and can run the appropriate tests.

      • I just Sont understand why people get so upset by your posts sometimes. I love them. I completely get your point as well as tour sarcasm and humor! Thanks for making me smile today!

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  4. While I enjoy reading your blog, this post kinda smacks of smugness.

    I think there’s a better way to illustrate what you’re saying with some latitude for those who actually suffer from various, REAL conditions.

  5. I think that when I was looking for answers and solutions that were not eat enough, sleeping enough, and oh dear moving enough, I wanted to believe that these products or that new diet was going to fix me quickly so the social shaming of being fat would just be gone. I was (sometimes still am :( ) ashamed to exercise while fat … there seemed to me a different acceptance at the gym. It was like wearing a scarlet F. I could see it on their faces … Why have you let yourself go? Now I eat, sleep, and give zero f*%ks what others think of me at the gym! I will accomplish my goals but it won’t be tomorrow or next year even … it will be forever. Thanks for helping me see through the BS that is out there.

  6. I think that you have so may good points on your blog, but the mantra of eat more and exercise more, just isn’t a cure all.

    I did yo-yo diet over a period of about 12 years. That, and stressful experiences in my life caused both adrenal fatigue and leaky gut. Are they both in my head? No, I have actually been tested. What would have happened to me if I had would have listened to your advice? I would be a lot worse off than I am now. Am I taking a bunch of supplements? Yes, I am!!!!! Along with that, I am exercising and eating right. Do I feel the best that I ever remember feeling in my life? YES I DO!!!!!!!! I spent several years just trying the exercise and eat right plan, and it wasn’t cutting it for me.

    I think that your advice CAN be good for SOME. I just don’t want women to start eating, sleeping and exercising more and think that, when they start to feel worse, it’s just all in their heads. These problems are REAL!!!!!! Yes, people need to get tested instead of just assuming, but they are very, very real problems.

    • Indeed, I am very much in support of people getting treatment for medical conditions. This ‘Go Kaleo tells people eating and exercise cures everything’ nonsense is just that, nonsense. My critics’ new idea to try to discredit me. The ‘Go Kaleo tells people to eat nothing but junk’ didn’t work, and the ‘Go Kaleo uses steroids’ didn’t work either. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

      • I think that you have so many wonderful things to offer and am not at all trying to discredit you. You definitely do come across as calling actual medical conditions illegitimate though. You also seem to get very defensive (even though it seems that you pretend not to) when people don’t agree with you. I am just trying to add to the discussion and help people. Your replies are just very sarcastic and know it all.

        As much as hate to, because you HAVE helped me and I think that you are great in many ways, I have to say good-bye to this blog permanently. I really don’t need this in my brain space. That’s part of getting healthy from my “fake” adrenal fatigue. LOL!!!!!!!!!! :)

        A very genuine and sincere thanks for the help that you have given me! :)

  7. I have never dieted in my entire life – I have always loved food and have always shunned any kind of food restriction. Yet after developing chronic insomnia and constipation in my late 30′s I discovered, through a mainstream lab test, that I had yeast overgrowth in my gut. After treating it (with antifungals and diet), I now can sleep and feel normal and in my body again for the first time in *years.* Fad diagnosis?

  8. I wish people with chronic diseases could cure themselves by eating and sleeping more. Believe me, if they could, they’d just do that.

    Sadly, a chronic illness may also make it more difficult to get enough sleep, which of course exacerbates all the other health problems.

    • No, eating and sleeping doesn’t cure chronic illness. It does cure the symptoms of undereating and sleep deprivation though.

      • I think your should make it more clear on your post that the illnesses listed are not necessarily imaginary. I feel frustrated by the number of people who now seem to think that just because some have, for example, an “imaginary” gluten intolerance, all gluten intolerance is therefore imaginary. Same goes for candida, leaky gut, etc.

        • I don’t think gluten intolerance is imaginary. A gluten free diet has been standard medical treatment for celiac since the 1940′s.

          I’m not at all convinced that leaky gut, adreenal fatigue, and candida overgrowth, as they are diagnosed and treated by the altmed industry, are real. Yes, there are real medical conditions that resemble these fad diagnoses, but there are real medical tests and real medical treatments for them.

          • I agree with Go Kaleo. There are great tests that can confirm a lot of these conditions. It is important to get as accurate a diagnosis as possible if you suspect a real issue. Just guessing you have any of these issues and making changes based on that isn’t the most effective way to heal yourself.

            I have had great success with a functional medicine doctor. I had been eating great, exercising and was *trying* to sleep, but was having problems with weight (dropping), fatigue, brain fog, and insomnia. Turns out I had parasites and Candida! Until I actually got tested (with the right tests), I was just imagining all sorts of problems, occasionally taking various supplements and was generally confused as heck as to what was going on.

            I would say that I suspect that under-eating and not exercising enough for years leading up to these symptoms did lead to imbalance in my gut bacteria. In turn this probably led to a compromised immune system, causing me to be more susceptible to these bugs and chronic conditions.

            If we could get to all the young people (and people of all ages of course) first with Go Kaleo’s advice, it seems to me that a lot of these symptoms/ conditions listed above *could* possibly be prevented. Eating well and exercising is the foundation of strong health after all!

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