What is a Healthy Weight?

I’m going to try to do more video blogs this year. Here’s the first one!


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  1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much. this is such a timely video for me. I love your attitude and your philosophies – thank you once again

  2. Oh Amber, I have longed for the day when someone says to stop worrying about your weight! You are incredibly awesome.
    I figured this out for myself about the time I found you, which I feel was providential. I have been up and down with my weight my entire life, doing diets of good nutrition to fasting, but always counting my success on what the scale said. I craved, I starved, I binged and I worried. Always had that nagging feeling in my head.
    About 3 months ago, I had my lipid profile done. All my numbers were way too high. The doctor wanted me to go on a statin. It hit me between the eyes, hard. I said I didn’t want to go on meds and asked for a reprieve. The nurse informed me that it would dangerous for me not too and that in 2 months we would retest. I suggested that if I really watched my diet, ate good things for me, focused on health instead of the scale, I could do this! I asked her to please ask the doctor if I could have 2 months to try it my way and I would retest and agree at that time if things weren’t better, I would go on meds. The doctor agreed.
    I started researching all the really good foods and knew most of them myself. I just had never trusted myself enough to eat what was good for me no matter the calorie count or eat what I was truly hungry for even if it wasn’t good for me. I have been eating a lot of oats and flax and wonderful salads. Salads with avocado and nuts and lovely dressings. I’ve eaten wonderful veggies all grilled up inside of wheat pockets, things that would have been off my list before because they were higher in cals.
    I have not counted on calorie and eat until I am satisfied, trying new things and incorporating all the good foods. Hearing you right along with me saying what I am doing is good, is helping me. I wanted you to know that.
    At my 2 month retest, my cholesterol had dropped over 70 points, my trigycerides over 100 and everything else back into normal ranges. My weight is down over 44 pounds. My doctor was thrilled and so am I. I do get on the scale once a week. For over 12 weeks now, I have consistently lost weight not making the scale my focus. I can honestly say I don’t crave or binge. At Christmas I did taste my baking but not to excess. It felt good to do that because I knew if I didn’t, I would feel deprived. I so know this thing is such a head game for me and know what you say is so true.
    I just want you to know, you are helping me so much and I love reading all you post.
    Thank you for being by my side!! Thank you for saying it’s okay to trust yourself and let your body be your guide instead of your head! Thank you.

  3. Not sure where to ask this, so I’m commenting here. I want to get into shape this year. I had my son in October, he is 11 weeks old and is still a horrendous sleeper. I’m exhausted every day. Should I wait until he is sleeping better to start exercising? Right now my activity includes housework and being on my feet all day (13+ hours) as a nurse two days a week. I love walking but I love in northern indiana so it’s too cold to take baby out. What do you usually suggest for your postpartum clients?

    • Oh wow, that’s a lot on your plate! I’d definitely discuss with your OB, and walk if you’re up for it. Until you’re sleeping better I wouldn’t stress out about exercise. Sleep needs to be priority one!

      • That’s what I was thinking, thanks! My OB is fine with me walking. I wasn’t sure if I should push through the exhaustion and work out. Thanks for making me feel okay with not being super active right now.

  4. This is wonderful! I generally skip video posts (I read blogs as a quick brain-reset between clients at work) and I’m so glad I watched this one. What you’re saying here is pretty much exactly what I’m aiming for health-wise with my word of the year Consistency. I consciously decided NOT to get a heart rate monitor or fitbit, NOT to log in MyFitnessPal, NOT to sign up for my trainer’s 10 week challenge. I consciously decided that I AM going to get to bed on time at night, that I AM eating consciously with a focus on nutrition, that I AM working out more days than not. I’ll admit that my fear is that a healthy weight for me is going to not be what I want it to look like. Then again, I know what my body is capable of.

    • I want to add that I don’t think any of those things (MFP, fitbit, challenges etc) are bad. That’s just not the lifestyle I’m wanting right now.

  5. Amber, I am SO GLAD I found your site. I have literally been sitting here on my laptop for a hour reading your incredible posts–you and your website are a wealth of great knowledge!
    I used the Health Calc calorie needs calculator via one of your recommended links to find calorie needs (TEE). I am 115-120lbs, 5′ 3” and 19 years old. I do intense cardio intervals 2x a week (15-20 min), intense weight lifting 4x a week (45-60 min), and walk my dogs every day. I’ve been eating roughly 1800-2200 cals a day. According to the calculator, I need roughly 2400-2600+ cals depending on the day…I would have never have guessed!!
    So my question is, how to I up my intake without gaining a bunch of weight? I would love to be able to eat this much, and I have been suffering from chronic fatigue and illness for a while so I have a hunch I’m not eating enough. Any advice?

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