The Most Reasonable Coaching Program Ever

People have asked me for coaching many times over the last few years, and I’ve made a couple attempts at putting together coaching services. Nothing ever quite clicked though, as I hate marketing, and my schedule is hectic with kids and work – although I had a desire, I just didn’t have the bandwidth to put together a program and make the behind-the-scenes machinery work.

About a year ago, Sean Flanagan approached me about putting together a collaborative coaching program – he has the organization to run the business part of things. It took us months to put together a coaching format we both felt good about, and we’ve been beta-testing it for five months now with four small coaching groups. It’s given us time to iron out the kinks and refine the program. Big shout out to our early clients who’ve helped us get this thing up and running effectively!!!

Anyway. We wanted to provide a coaching program that was different, and that reflected our values. Our program:

Is NOT FAST. Our methods produce gradual, habit-based, SUSTAINABLE behavior change that will produce physical change over a scale of months and years. We are more concerned with where you’ll be 5 years from now than what you look like in 12 weeks.

Is NOT EASY. We provide you an initial structure, but expect you to take on more and more responsibility for your diet and exercise as the program progresses. You will be prompted to think for yourself, pay attention to cues from your body, and ultimately do the work of implementing new behaviors, long term.

Is NOT REVOLUTIONARY. Our program is based on principles of health, fitness and nutrition that have been firmly established over decades of peer reviewed research. You won’t find any magic supplements, foods or techniques. We’ve gone back to the basics we’ve known for decades. Those basics are called basics for a reason – they work.

Is NOT EXCITING. This program is actually sort of boring. We focus on balance, moderation and long term habits. We are the tortoise.

This program is NOT FOR EVERYONE. If you want a ‘stage-ready body’, it’s not for you. If you view health and weight loss as a competition, it’s not for you. If you have a medical condition that requires Medical Nutrition Therapy, it’s not for you. If you have an untreated eating disorder, it’s not for you. And that’s ok! Not everyone has the same goals or needs, and there are lots of programs out there that will work for lots of different people. Our program is for people who want to be supported in learning moderation and establishing balanced, reasoned habits that will support long-term health and weight management.

We don’t even have a flashy name! It’s simply “Healthy Fat Loss and Recomposition’. You can learn more about the specifics (and get on the waiting list for the next group) here.

And that’s all!



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  1. So stoked about this! I’ve signed up but no email yet. Is it automatic or do you physically send the confirmation?

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