Will I need to count calories forever?

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6 thoughts on “Will I need to count calories forever?

  1. Thank you for answering this enduring question! I am glad to know that there is light at the end of the calorie counting tunnel. Glad for the journey and reaching this destination! Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and insights! You’re awesome!

  2. Thank you for your video. I have been working to lose weight for a year and a half now and tracked religiously. Which helped me to lose between 70 and 80 lbs. Eventually I was able to continue losing without tracking daily. But I do drag the scale and measuring cups back out periodically, to check in and make sure my portions are not creeping up on me. If I find myself not on track weight wise, it is usually that my portion sizes have slipped a bit.

  3. Thanks a bunch Amber! I always look forward to learning from you! Your advice and knowledge has helped me get healthier and I have been able to pass it on to others to help them as well. Please keep doing what you do, your work is so incredibly important! Have a great day today!

  4. I have been following your blog for a couple years (stumbled upon it while going Superpaleo after a bad flare-up from an illness) and your voice has become more and more the voice of reason to me in the sea of chaos that is the nutrition/health sphere. Paleo helped me with my flare, but caused other issues and I have really had to re-evaluate my whole approach to everything.

    Your blog has really helped me through all of this, especially because I have pseudo? psycho?-struggled with my weight since I was a sophomore in high school. Unfortunately, my impressionable years were during the heroine chic aesthetic in the 90’s and it seriously fucked up my body image. I always wanted to be super-duper small, but I am not.

    I am 5’11” and 170lbs, and have finally realized at age 35 that I am sexy as hell and basically kick a lot of ass. I move a lot of weight in the gym and am currently refeeding and tracking calories based on info from your blog because I know that I have probably been malnourished and either under or overfed (at different times) for most of my life.

    Bottom line — Your perspective and voice is much needed in all of the craziness, and I just want to give you some good juju and some gratitude so that you will keep it going!

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