How to Deal With Setbacks

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3 thoughts on “How to Deal With Setbacks

  1. Thank you, you are truly amazing and inspiring! But I guess you hear that a lot.

    I’ve recently gone through a very rough patch, and changing perspective really did wonders! A week ago I was so miserable that I couldn’t imagine being at peace with myself anytime soon (two members of my family are very ill and I feel I can’t do enough to help). Then I realized that the things we really have control over are very few, that hating myself doesn’t help anyone. Changing expectations relieved much of the pain, allowing me to be stronger and able to think clearly and thus able to do more to help.

    For a long time I didn’t dare to ask you about a particular very embarrassing setback I and some friends struggle with. After becoming overweight and developing insulin resistance, very unwanted, but visible thick hairs showed up where a lady shouldn’t have any, and our ages are anywhere between 20 and 32.
    Do you think that “going kaleo” (that is, changing the lifestyle to having adequate calories and nutrients intake but also having the right amount and type of exercise) will have any effect on that? I didn’t hear and couldn’t find a case where this anomaly reversed (not even after medicine prescribed by endocrinologists, I personally know two cases of women who tried to treat this, spent lots of money on tests and medicine only to discover that it gets a slight bit better while on medicine but the positive effect vanishes after a while of not taking the meds).

    It would mean a lot to us hearing your take on this issue.

    • First the bad news: My understanding is that once those follicles are turned on, they’re on. You can’t turn them off.

      Now the good news: you’re normal. It’s not really something to be ashamed about. '? Many, many women deal with facial hair, it’s why the hair removal industry is so huge. There are effective ways of dealing with it: waxing, plucking, bleaching…or more permanently, electrolysis and laser hair removal.

      • Those are not such bad news as uncertainty is – I was stuck in it, so thank you so much for helping me adjust my expectations and pick the right strategy n '? .

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