Want to Become Strong, Confident and Healthy without Fads or Deprivation? Got an iPhone?

For the past 8 months, Sean Flanagan and I have been running our latest community and coaching program the Habit Project'. The results have been really cool ' people who felt like they were previously spinning their wheels or backsliding in their health and fitness journey have been steadily moving forward creating the habits that support their goals.

The approach is super simple' and that's why it works so well. We harness the power of community and coaching support to maximize success with the small, day to day habits that impact our bodies and our health… one habit at a time.

Within the Habit Project, each small team supports one another in the systematic implementation of new behaviors, focusing on one habit for two weeks, before moving onto the next.

I'm really excited, because today I get to announce a new way to get started with the program. It's called the 12 Week Habit Project On-Ramp and it's our first group that will take place exclusively on an app for programs like ours. For now, this app is exclusively available on iPhones (and iPads).

Here are some reasons why you may want to check this out:

1) Sean and I mapped out the habits that we think are the most foundational. We've found some habits work great for newer people and some habits work better if you have some more time in the program first. So after observing how different habits have worked with our groups in the last 8 months, we outlined the 6 habit sequence that we think will have the greatest impact for helping you create a strong habit foundation and seeing the most immediate changes in your health and fitness.

2) You don't need to be on Facebook. Oh believe me, I know how distracting Facebook can be. With the app, the only things to do and the only notifications you'll receive will be related to your participation in the program. This will allow you to participate more in the program ' on your terms ' without getting sucked into the usual Facebook nonsense and distractions.

3) You start with other Habit Project newbies. The experience and support of our Habit Project members is invaluable, but it can be scary for some new people to join an established group as one of the few new people. With this program, you'll know you're starting off on the same foot as everyone else.

If the 12 Week Habit Project On-Ramp sounds interesting to you, check it out here:

12 Week Habit Project On-Ramp

This is our first ever group on the app so I have no idea how long spaces will remain. Technically, enrollment is open through July 8th. But if this group sells out, enrollment will be closed until we decide on the start date for the next on-ramp.