This Week in Habit Change

Every time we open enrollment for the 12 Week Habit Project On-Ramp, we like to share word-for-word what people are saying about the program. There’s a lot of hype in the fitness industry and we don’t want you to feel like you just need to take OUR word for it.

Here are some things that people have said about the Habit Project in the past week alone.

If I had to describe my experience in The Habit Project in one word, it would be “empowering”. Through my personal work in The Habit Project, I have been encouraged, supported, and empowered to build self-awareness– to listen to my body and mind. I have practiced and learned to pay attention to ME throughout each day, and over weeks and months.

The group format and structure provides accountability and support to ensure maximum success. Participants celebrate and collaborate and, sometimes, commiserate together as we practice and build new habits. With each habit, I have been held accountable to the goals I have chosen, checking in daily with my teammates and coaches, and if ever a habit weren’t working for me, I had the full support of my teammates and coaches to revise it and try again. 

As I near my the end of my time in and prepare to exit from The Habit Project, I find myself feeling that the habits I’ve practiced in the group have become personal habits that I am confident I will continue for the rest of my life.“

-Cyndi Reiley


“1) The Habit project is EASY. Deceptively easy. You think you aren’t doing anything much at all, and then suddenly a big wave of realization hits that you’ve changed the way you think about food, movement, sleep, etc. So, I think the hardest part (at least for me) was getting over the idea that a weight loss program has to be challenging and life-changing to be effective. You don’t overhaul anything. You live your life first and your habits second, and soon they become one and the same.

2) LIFELONG sustainable habits by very nature are going to ebb and flow based on what’s going on in life. So yeah, I still struggle with different things on different days, but the Habit Project (unlike the South Beach Diet) is still in full effect on “bad” days. I had a phenomenally shitty day yesterday, I ate cheesecake for lunch (with a side salad), ate chips in the evening (mindfully, and until I was full), and spent most of my day on the couch (but still went for a 20 minute walk). South Beach Chrissey would’ve said yesterday was a setback, but Habit Chrissey looks at all those things in brackets and feels like a rockstar (btw: feeling like a rockstar is a big component of the Habit Project 😉 )

3) The accountability to the group is super helpful. You do your habit daily, you check in daily, it’s always on your mind and you always have support with what’s going on for you that day.

4) It allows you to give structure and direction to the things you already KNOW you should do or want to do, but are feeling lost or overwhelmed with trying to do All The Things. It breaks All The Things down into step-by-step things. Like I said, deceptively easy!

– Chrissey Eliot


“The Habit Project changed my life. I did it from April-July. All of the habits I did were amazing, but practicing the satiety habit was life changing – and I’ve kept to it since. I think a main point of the program is recognizing your struggles won’t immediately go away. And you have to practice the habits, sometimes for a while, to get the change to be meaningful and long term.

Habits not diets! Because diets try to say – you don’t have to struggle, you can make this giant change immediately and forever! But it’s all a lie. The Habit Project recognizes reality and human nature. It’s also a super supportive group of people, and the one on one attention I received from Sean was awesome. Plus you can customize the habits if one particular one doesn’t work for you.

You have to give yourself to the process, but if you do, I think you can see really positive long term results. I started seeing an ETF friendly therapist and dietician after The Habit Project and they were so excited at what I had learned and already been practicing as a result of my participation in the project. The hardest part of the program for me personally was struggling with whether to stick on my vegan diet or add in some animal protein so I could more easily up my protein intake. And I still struggle with that – but Sean helped me talk through the issue – and I’ve come to a place I’m comfortable with.”

– Sarah Kader


Doing the habit project has boosted my confidence. I tend to avoid some situations or keep to myself to avoid embarrassment and I find myself doing that less and less. “

-Valerie Johnson       


I wish that I could self-love my way into weight loss!  But, I’m realizing that eating veggies and protein, walking, being low-stress are things that work for me to have weight loss.  When I really truly love myself and my life then I make choices that enrich me.”

-Mary Kraatz


I now consistently stop eating before being full. I definitely do over do it on occasion but it’s rare and usually when I have been withholding particular foods or food groups. That was also something I learned.  I am definitely more aware of getting my vegetables in and also just being nice to myself.”

I learned to start paying attention to my body.  If I’m hungry I eat. Even if I think I have eaten enough. If I crave something and it won’t go away after a day, I eat it. And I enjoy it without guilt!!

-Chanda Hall


There’s still a few days left to claim your spot in the next On-Ramp.   Click here to learn more and sign up if it feels right for you.