12 thoughts on “In the Media

  1. I love that you don’t preach total perfection in everything. People slip. They eat an extra serving of a food they love, they grab a cookie off the plate in the break room at work…it’s HARD to be 100% dedicated to a diet 100% of the time. A lot of other pages I see make people feel guilty for slips like that, but you don’t! And it’s easier to not slip when you don’t see food items as forbidden. If you focus on a food, even if it’s a negative focus, then that food is still foremost in your mind and that’s what you’re going to want. I’ve found it a lot easier to cut out sugar since I simply stopped thinking about it. Thanks for trying to get that message of acceptance out there!

  2. I am astounded at the amount of “hate” you’ve had to deal with thrown your way. Thank you for sharing all the nastiness… It further proves to me that there will always be people out there who feel they have a say on how a woman should look… No matter how healthy, accomplished, and happy with herself she is. I love your blog and feel inspired and encouraged to keep pushing through any and all negative social conditioning to reach my best self.

  3. Wow, there’s a LOT of hate out there for sure! As a 41 year old mother of four, trying DESPERATELY to undo years of damage to her own body as a result of “dieting” (and all the false “help” that goes along with it), and who ALSO has a “man’s” haircut (although, I’d say ours is more “pixie” which is RATHER feminine . . .) I’d like to say WHAT an inspiration you are to me. Rock on, girl. Haters will hate, nothing you can do about that. And THANK YOU for the inspiration!!!

  4. I just want to say that I freaking love you and that you are HUGE inspiration to me and are the sole reason why I’ve given up on any and all diets completely. Cheers to LIVING! I’m going kaleo baby!

  5. ooh, girl. The hate is for real, but what can you do? Keep on changing lives and doing what you do, there will always be haters trying to block progress. ;)

  6. Haters gonna hate! Backlash is proof that you are doing something RIGHT, without the gimmicks. If I were a gimmick I would not be kind to you, either! Keep up the good work and know that for every “hater” you have 10 fans.

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