Online group programs not only help to lower the price tag compared to 1-on-1 coaching, but the added community support is a HUGE factor for success.   Community is the key to consistency – and your peers can really be your best coaches.

Sean Flanagan and I run two different group coaching programs.    There’s some commonality, as either way we’re not going to put you on a crazy diet and 10 hour a week workout program.  We’re always focused on the long term.   But the two approaches are pretty distinct.

Our 4 Month Fat Loss & Body Recomposition Program is a specialized system towards finding your maintenance calorie needs and building a strength foundation in month 1, and then in month 2 (and after) we focus on using the foundation and information from month 1 to consciously enter a fat loss phase.

This program includes meal plan templates given to you for months 1 and 2, with the goal not being to depend on the meal plans, but rather to use them as a starting point for figuring out what x,xxx calories looks like for you.   If you hate or respond negatively to meal plans, calorie counting, and following a specific workout strategy, then this program would be a bad fit for you.   If those things sound tolerable, then this program offers a deliberate approach towards learning how to change your body.

This program enrolls new groups every 4-8 weeks, so the best way to join would be to get on the list to receive announcements for enrollment periods.


The Habit Project is focused specifically and solely on the behaviors that we can use to improve our health and to create fat loss “accidentally” rather than deliberately by focusing on the numbers.

Unlike the 4 Month Program, there are no meal or workout plans.   Instead, within the Habit Project each small team supports one another in the practice of ONE habit at a time – with a different habit every 2 weeks.  New habits are introduced to the group along with suggestions on how you can modify the habit to work with your life and schedule.   While the group works on the same habit  (such as “eat more protein”) – everybody’s version of that habit will be a little bit different, because of course no two people are exactly the same.    We want you pursuing your own version of attainable success.

With this program we don’t enroll new groups, instead we start you with an already established group at a time that will enable you to enter as smoothly as possible (some habits are a little bit easier to make work as your first habit, so we’re careful about where we start you).

To read more and/or enroll for the next available start date: go here ==> The Habit Project