Taming The Weight Room

I’ve tried a lot of things over the course of my weight loss journey. The vast majority of the things I tried were useless gimmicks. There are a few things, though, that weren’t useless. And by far, the most important of those things is weight lifting.

Beginning weight lifting was a pivotal point in my journey. It was weight lifting that ultimately reshaped my body. More importantly, weight lifting reshaped my perception of myself. Through weight lifting, I discovered that I am strong, that my body is resilient, that my body is capable and adaptable and wise. Weight lifting grounds me, connects me with my potential. Weight lifting reshaped more than my body, it healed my self perception and gave me a new appreciation for my body and what it can do. Here I distill what I’ve learned over the last five years into a simple, straightforward, easy to understand guide that gives you all you need to know to feel confident in the weight room.

This guide is for those who have never lifted weights. Those who feel overwhelmed by the jargon, the equipment, the exercises. In the simple guide, I’ll lay out the basic fundamentals of weight lifting: the different training philosophies, the different kinds of equipment and what you’re supposed to do with it all, the physiological basics of the exercises, and finally I’ll teach you how to design your own workouts. To get you started, I’ve included a simple but effective beginners routine that you can follow as you get your bearings and gain familiarity and confidence in the weight room.

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