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In honor of reaching 25k fans on facebook (THANK you for all the support!), I’m offering a substantial discount on my ebook and Workout program packages. You can get two downloads for less than the cost of the included workout program! TUS-3DbPackage 1 $39.98 $24.99

Package 1 combines my ‘Taking Up Space’ ebook with my ‘First 100 Days’ beginner workout program. This package is best for those who are new to exercise or returning after a time away. You can read about each download by clicking on it’s hyperlinked title above.

Package 2 $27.98 $15.99

Package 2 combines ‘Taking Up Space’ with my ‘Basic Lifting Routine’. This package is best for those who are already regularly active and want to add a formal strength training program to their routine.

Package 3 $47.98 $32.99

For those who already have my eBook, this package combines The First 100 Day with my Basic Lifting routine.

6 thoughts on “Ebook and Workout Program Packages

  1. Hi Amber,
    I placed 2 orders for Package 1 yesterday using mt PayPal account. It told me I would receive links to the downloads via my email but I haven’t received anything? And I see the charges went through my bank account. Can you assist me?

    Thanks, brenda

    • Sorry about that Brenda! I’ve sent you an additional download link and refunded one of your charges. If you don’t see an email in the next few minutes, check your bulk/spam folder to see if it landed there.

      Let me know if you’re still having problems. :)

      • I got the download and the refund! thank you for your quick response, I really appreciate it.

        Traveling Monday and looking forward to reading!


  2. So, I’m interested in your beginner workout program, but I’m wondering how compatable it is with my situation. I’m currently in a rural part of Costa Rica and have no real access to weights or gym equipment of any kind. I have a yoga mat, and a set of strechy bands. That’s it. I can use jugs of water of something like that, with some experimentation, but I really don’t have access to weights or a gym. I’m shopping around for a streghth training routine that I can do with minimal equipment and I’m wondering if what you have might work for me?


  3. I am having trouble ordering Package 1 through the website. It keeps returning an error message of An error occurred while processing your request. Before submitting this again, log in and check your Account History to ensure that the transaction didn’t complete. My account does not show a completed transaction. If I try to check out as a guest it gives an error message of Dispatch Error, please check logfile for more information. An error has occurred. Return to the homepage. Any ideas?

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