The Trouble With Dietary Dogma

Today I made a video blog for you.

Part 1

Part 2

33 thoughts on “The Trouble With Dietary Dogma

  1. wow, wtf. that whole meth diet article, seriously? why the HELL does anyone think they have the right to talk about other people (YOU) like that'' CRAZY

  2. Good stuff. I am sure that, perhaps even subtly, I have been guilty of this in the past. It is those gurus who put their fad diet out there as *the* solution yet who remain obese that get me frustrated.

    You are a beautiful woman Amber, and it is puzzling how you get such criticism.

    • Thanks Chris. I’ve been guilty of this in the past too, I learned all this the hard way. Certainly nowhere near as mean and immature as some of the stuff that’s been directed at me, but yes, I’ve come under the spell of divisiveness in dietary dogmatism. Thankfully I found my way out the other side!

  3. You’re right to want to change the energy of the universe. Positivity! You are beautiful, super smart, and so so positive. So glad I have found your FB page and blog!

    • I am constantly astonished by the power of simply changing one’s expectations. We get back what we send out.

  4. I really admire how you are taking the high road and responding with grace and intelligence to these personal attacks. You are absolutely right–dietary differences should not be an excuse for dehumanizing and bullying other people.

    • Thanks Kristin! The (really) bright side of all this is that it brought the topic front and center. it’s something I’ve always talked about, it’s been one of my ’causes’, so it was good to get such a dramatic opportunity to discuss it again.

  5. Omg your voice is so CUTE <3 and your hair looks awesome. I think this is a little about sexism too, it is hard for men (and some women sadly) to see a strong, intelligent, opinionated woman. Society is really unforgiving on such women, so there's that, I bet that has something to do with this. You are beautiful and your message is awesome.

    • Thank you Virginia! I definitely seem to make people uncomfortable, for whatever that is worth!

  6. I still don’t understand the meth diet article. It made no sense. This is the part of the internet I really don’t understand. Why are some people so okay with attacking someone who isn’t doing a thing to hurt them? I really admire your approach to this whole episode.
    Given all the news recently about bullying on the internet, I hope your message gets out to a lot of people.

    • It was very serendipitous that this all happened during Bullying Awareness Month, it gave me a really great opportunity to discuss the topic in a timely way.

  7. I had my own version of the “meth diet” ugliness in my topic. It sucks, even when you know it’s ridiculous.

    The people who make the attacks have their own issues, but the ones who disturb me more are the followers who nod their heads. Lone trolls wouldn’t really do that much harm, but the mobs that come with them freak me out.

    • Yep. Mob mentality is one of humanity’s ugliest traits. '? Sorry you’ve had to deal with crap like this. <3

  8. Hi Amber I’ve been dropping in and out of your blog for a while now. All I’d like to say is you are clearly a very lovely person – and in my opinion absolutely beautiful inside and out! Its incredibly sad that people need to attack you in this way – as you have pointed out it says a lot more about the people expressing that negativity than it is any reflection of you. Its crazy how evangelical people are about diet – for goodness sake why can’t people live and let live? Clearly different things work for different people and if its not hurting anyone else then what is the issue. I feel very sad for those people.

    • Thanks Laura! I feel like a lot of the dogma out there IS hurting other people. I wish people could see how self destructive some of the behaviors these diets advocate are.

  9. Hola. I think you’re hot & like your training philosophy. Your views are absolutely right of course; that you have the energy to address this issue is amazing. It’s so much easier to ignore, go somewhere else, read something else, look somewhere else. Kudos to you for having a say.
    A question for you…. When do you train and how do you maintain consistency? I’ve recently gone through a whole bunch of changes and my routine has gone to pot; thus so has my training. Trying to get my training mojo back.
    Love reading your posts, have passed onto many. Thanks G

    • I have a pretty crazy schedule (I work two different jobs and am at 3-5 different job sites during any given week, plus have 2 kids with after school activities, yada yada…), so I fit my workouts in wherever I can. Sometimes I’ll even do a bodyweight circuit on the bleachers while my kids are at sports practice, because that may be the only down time I have that day. That’s why I love bodyweight stuff so much, you can do it anywhere!

      Nia Shanks featured my training routine in one of her recent blog posts, scroll down about half way to find me.

  10. Well said! You are beautiful. And personal attacks say more about the attacker than anyone else.

  11. Hi! Love your site.
    Hey, I have a question. I’m having a hard time trying to wrap my mind around getting 150 grams of protein on a mostly plant based diet. How heavily would one need to depend on the raw protein powder to reach that? I need about 2600 calories, btw.
    If you can give an example of how you have eaten that much protein when you were eating mostly plants based, I would truly appreciate it!

  12. First let me say it is nice to hear your voice and see your face when you are discussing a topic … a nice change of pace and allows me, as a reader, to know you a little better. I like that.

    On the topic … as with any type of criticism … life is too short! You are so very super-helpful for those of us, namely me, who have tried to subsist on low calories for YEARS. This is the first time in my life I have actually ALLOWED myself to EAT. THANK YOU!

    You know what you are doing/saying works and you are wanting to share it with others! I have had the same experience with curing my lifelong acne … I have wanted to share it with others I see suffering.

    So .. thank you and keep up the good work. The nay-sayers be damned!

  13. Hi Amber, I have been following you site for a while, and I really appreciate your approach. I haven’t read the article, I think I don’t need to, it will only create more negativity (from me reading people making personal comment on someone else, they don’t even know, because deep down inside they are unhappy with themselves) isn’t a little bit in the human nature (ugly nature) to criticize what we can’t have, reach or achieve, or understand I guess?
    Anyway, I am glad you are who you are and decided to share all that you have learned on your own skin with the rest of the people that will appreciate it and possibly put it to good use.

    Thank you.

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