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  1. Hi

    I am new and I like your blog and all the information. I am learnign a lot and it is slipping into my mind that Food is taking me over.
    I really do not want to think about it anymore but how? I am mother of three kids and I do the groceries and cooking at home… How do you not think about food then during the day?


    • I am struggling a lot with how to think about myself and what to do and how to not think about food all day. I think I have been eating to less last year and this makes that I am constantly thinking about food and if I shouldn’t eat something. It takes me over. I am 164 cm and a marathon runner. I do have 3 kids but an eating disorder = I always think about food and should I eat or not… the whole day long… this is not how I want to live… I need encouraging words… Does anyone have them for me? I am from Europe…I don’t think that makes a difference, we have problems here too…

  2. I just saw your blog because of an article on Yahoo homepage about being overweight based on BMI charts. I too have struggled with that problem. I work out hard and am not afraid of weights, therefore being strong and healthy equates to overweight on a medical chart. I don’t think that you look overweight. You look amazingly fit and should be very proud of your body. Screw the BMI charts, and go based on how your clothes fit and what you see in the mirror every day.

  3. I found your website because of the Yahoo! article. Thank you. I, too, am 5’9″ and have struggled with my weight throughout my adult life. I hope that I can figure out how to make this work for myself. Again, thank you for your candidness and sharing your success.

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