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This is what happened to my body when I stopped dieting, when I stopped listening to the messages from the media about how my body was supposed to look, when I stopped hating myself, when I stopped trying to please anyone else.

This is what happened to my body when I started respecting myself, when I started eating in a way that nurtured my health, when I started living in a way that nurtured my spirit, and when I started trusting my instincts about what was right for my body.

The physical changes you see are only a reflection of the far more profound changes that happened internally. My health improved, and even more importantly, the way that I feel and think about myself changed. It was not an overnight transformation. As the way I treated myself changed, my daily habits changed, and those new habits changed my body, slowly, gradually, but dramatically, and permanently. Changing my body wasn’t my goal. Changing my habits, and the way I treat myself, was the goal. My body just came along for the ride.

11 thoughts on “Evolution

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  2. What an inspiration! Congratulations on getting your life back. Oh, and your body is pretty rock star! What a bonus!

    My question: What do you eat for fuel during your workouts? I’m an endurance runner and I just recently went plant based–Er, I mean, I went kaleo!–and I am having trouble finding a simple carbohydrate type snack that sits well with my new tummy. I’m happy to continue experimenting on my own, but I figure it’s helpful to ask other women who have diets and lifestyles similar to mine. Thanks!

  3. I found you today at the encouragement of my cousin who read my fb post yesterday about how breaking a hair binder while getting ready to go work out at the gym reduced me to tears. I felt frustrated and “broken” like my hair binder because I’d been doing everything that I thought I was supposed to do for over a month, ex. 1200 calories, working out 5 to 6 days per week at the gym and with a trainer 2 of those days and I’d only lost 2 pounds…two measly pounds and all that hard work. I’ve been a chronic yo-yo dieter my entire life and will turn 50 in 8 months and have finally decided enough is enough so I joined the gym at the encouragement of my 19 year old daughter who wanted an exercise buddy. Well, I could gain and lose weight like a pro, but when my trainer did my body fat analysis a month ago I was horrified…I was pretty much all just “squishy and bones.” I knew it was time to turn the corner and start getting fit…so I’ve been working hard and couldn’t believe what the scale told me yesterday morning. I was crushed, so I used it as my status update on fb and I couldn’t believe all the encouragement that came from it and all the other people out there “silently struggling.” So like I said, I was encouraged to find your site for inspiration and have been reading for several hours now and wanted to thank you! You’re my new hero!!

  4. I love how towards the latter pics, your weight actually goes up but your body actually slims down….. gotta love muscle!

  5. Amen to this! Thanks for sharing and for writing all the awesome things you do. Your honesty and willingness to experiment on yourself amaze me–I can totally relate to a lot of what you’re saying but you have a way of saying it that just absolutely rocks. I’m in full agreement: your body is an outcome. Focus on the behaviours and on your health and you’ll have your “ideal” body, by definition!

  6. Love it, love it, love it! Gots to love you first and learn how and the rest follows! I’m on a journey myself….it’s cool!

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