Wellness Professionals

I’m working on gathering a wide community of fitness, wellness and medical professionals that approach health from a non-restrictive and non-dogmatic point of view. This list is in it’s infancy. As it grows, we’ll organize it into regions and probably add more categories. I’ve done my best to screen the professionals that are listed here to ensure that they ‘fit’ our philosophy. If you contact one of them and feel like their approach doesn’t fit what I’m trying to build here, please let me know so I can check in.

None of these professionals has paid to be in this list, and I don’t make any money off of referrals or affiliate sales. Believe it or not, I’m providing this to support both my colleagues who are working toward a new health paradigm, and my readers who are looking for professionals they can trust not to lead them deeper into dysfunction and disorder. This is not a profit venture!

If you are a professional in one of these fields, or know of one that you think would be a good addition to our list, please send me your/their contact info and a brief bio at [email protected]

I’d like to give a huge shout out to Chandelle from Chicken Tender for helping me get this resource off the ground.

Registered Dieticians


Eve Gardner RD, CPT
West Yorkshire, England
website: http://handinhandnutritionandfitnessltd.co.uk/
email: [email protected]


“We provide private dietetic consultations and personal training services to individual and corporate clients, in West and South Yorkshire, England, creating unique nutrition and fitness packages tailored to your exact needs. Our team is trained to the highest professional standards, with a unique blend of HCPC registered dieticians and level 3 qualified personal trainers.”




Jacque Kelly, RDN
West Valley Registered Dietitian
Adelante Healthcare

email: [email protected], [email protected]

contact: (877) 809-5092, (480) 433-7953


'I have a couple of years of experience with Eating Disorders, intensive inpatient for adult and adolescent as well as partial hospitalization. I currently work for WIC and continue the same approach of no calorie counting, no numbers/weight whenever possible, work on the underlying issues at hand, and educate on feeding the mind and body. I also work for an online consulting company called My Dietitian. Clients are able to upload '' pictures of meals and snacks along with other pertinent info and receive daily feedback from their personal RD.'




Michelle Kuster, RD, LD
Burlington Hy-Vee Dietitian
3140 Agency Street | Burlington, IA 52601 | 319.753.1616
939 Angular Street | Burlington, IA 52601 | 319.752.3657
[email protected]


'I'm a registered dietitian working in a supermarket chain in the Midwest (Hy-Vee, Inc.). I've been in my current position for two years. While I am a general practitioner dietitian, I prefer to work with clients who are looking to have a healthier relationship with food. I am currently training to be a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and am a proponent of the HAES model. I have worked with clients with binge eating disorder and bulimia nervosa, as well as EDNOS but I have limited experience with anorexia nervosa.

My website and list of services is here: http://www.hy-vee.com/stores/dietitian/default.aspx?s=19

I not only work with clients on an individual basis, but also do programs on any nutrition topic, including emotional eating and Intuitive Eating. I only see clients locally, in my private office in the store, and I am accepting new clients.'


Marian McCormick RD, CD
email: [email protected]
website: www.mommycoach.com

“I’m a Registered Dietitian with 10+ years experience. I specialize in weight management/fitness, and hold certifications in kettlebell and INSANITY '' (plyo/cardio) style workouts. As someone with experience with eating disorders, the word “diet” is a four letter word unspoken in my practice.”



Bonnie Modugno, MS, RD


'There is more nutrition information available today than ever before, and it doesn't seem to help people bridge the gap between knowledge and behavior. Maybe it's time for a different strategy. Let Bonnie help you develop an approach to food that works for you.

Counseling with Bonnie is more collaboration than instruction. This is a chance to be truly heard and have your concerns and personal experiences taken into consideration. You know what you like, and what you don't. You may know where you want to go but not how to get there. My mission is to help you develop an approach to food that works for you in the real world.'



Amy Schachtner-Appel, MS, RD
Connecticut, New York, USA
email: [email protected]
contact: (518) 728-8938

'I am a registered dietitian specializing in eating disorders and weight management. In addition working as the head dietitian at the Renfrew Center of Connecticut, I have a private practice (right now I am mobile and can work with people in Manhattan, Bronx, and Westchester counties in New York and towns in southern Connecticut). I am also very open to working with patients online.

My overarching goal is to encourage people to develop a loving relationship with food. I believe that everyone is capable of learning (or relearning) eating habits that are sustainable and nourishing for their bodies. More importantly, I believe that healthful, nourishing, and enjoyable food can optimize health, which is separate from body size.'




Lynsey R. Landry, RD, LD, CNHP
110 Travis Street, Suite 213
Lafayette, LA 70503
email: [email protected]
website: www.lynseylandry.com
contact: (337) 393-0485, (337) 257.8905


'I love helping people go deep and look beyond food! And learn to eat intuitively and mindfully. I also love helping people connect back to their '' intuition and higher self! I am taking new patients and my practice is both online and in person.'

Fitness Professionals & Health Coaches


Jesus Acuna
Tucson, Arizona, USA
website: www.bodyandmindfitness.org


'I am an exercise and nutrition coach with experience in mental health. I’ve '' worked as a personal trainer and as a wellness coach in a clinical setting with '' severally obese and some eating disorders, and now I have gone independent. I am currently taking online clients and local, and I live in Tucson, Arizona.'




Christina Adler, ISSA CFT
Owner and founder of Fit Resolutions, LLC
website: www.fitresolutions.com


'I have been a fitness blogger at www.redheadlaw7.com, 'getting my mommy groove back” for several years and have recently started up my own online and in person training company. I have a very open-minded approach to health and wellness and believe that the only real way to get somebody to change their live is by addressing all parts of the person. I think a person has to change their attitude and their lifestyle. That’s why I run a 24-7 online support group so people always have somewhere to turn when they need encouragement or support. As far as my approach to exercise and dieting, I am not a fan of taking extreme measures like fasted cardio or low-calorie diets. I’d rather find something that a person can adapt as a lifestyle change so they can maintain it forever. I also believe that everyone needs an individualized approach as no two people’s bodies or lifestyles alike.'




Eric Bach, CSCS, PN1
Denver, Colorado, USA
contact: (920) 619-2578
Facebook: Bach Performance
Twitter: Eric_Bach
email: [email protected]website: www.bachperformance.com

'I am strength coach in Denver, Colorado, working at the Steadman Hawkins Sports '' Performance clinic. I train both in person and online at BachPerformance.com and currently do have availability. I am a former collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach, CSCS, and Precision Nutrition Coach.'




Heyward Boyce, Customer Care
GrubHub Seamless
Facebook: GrubHub
Twitter: Seamless
email: [email protected]
contact: (847) 899-0353
111 W Washington, Ste 2100
Chicago, IL 60602


'I’m a trainer and health coach! Calisthenics enthusiast, with basic exercise and nutrition knowledge.'




Joseph (Joe) Brigley
New Jersey, USA
email: [email protected]
contact: (551) 206-3959

'I have been personal training for the past four years. I started during my senior year of college in a rehab/wellness facility and pursued this field since. I currently hold a B.S. in Exercise Science and am pursuing a M.A. Exercise Science.

'I have just started my online personal training business, Brigleague, although the website is still being worked on. I have been working with a handful of clients online for almost a year and will use social media/website to leverage my ambitions.

'Looking to take on new clients. Located in Northern New Jersey.'




Tessa Conto, CPT and Running Coach
Prince Frederick and Dunkirk, Maryland, USA
contact: (240) 678-2947
email: [email protected]

“I am a personal trainer, a running coach, and a spinning instructor. Functional workouts specific to who you are and what you do or want to do. I work out of the World Gyms in Prince Frederick and Dunkirk, MD; but I also train privately at several locations (client’s homes, or other outdoor choice).”




Emily Dewey, Certified Holistic Health Coach
Online Coaching
email: [email protected]
website: www.yourEVOLvedlife.com
Facebook: Emily Jean EVOLved


“Emily Jean Dewey is a board certified Holistic Health Counselor and blogger who teaches women how to stop the diet drama for good, and start loving the CRAP out of life right now. After years of her own diet yo-yo-ing, fed-up with feeling like food was the enemy, she started on her own diet-ditching body-lovin' life experiment. She is here now to teach others what she has learned along the way through her blog and Life-EVOLving programs.”




Kim Edmunds, ACE, AHFS
Huntsville/Madison County, Alabama, USA
Yoga Therapist

'I currently work locally, in the Huntsville/Madison County, Alabama area, but have long been interested in consulting via the internet. I entered the fitness field in 1997 with Personal Trainer certification through ACE, the American Council on Exercise. I certified as a Group Fitness Instructor through ACE in 1998 and in 1999 became gold certified through ACE as a Clinical Exercise Specialist (the title was later changed to Advanced Health and Fitness '' Specialist). My yoga journey began in 2001 and continues today. From 2000 through 2011, I owned and managed fitness centers, both private and medically-based, and during that time I trained clients of all fitness levels and health backgrounds, and taught a wide variety of classes. Recently I have '' returned my focus to teaching yoga and fitness and doing private consultations. Offering custom fitness programs at your location.'




Kim Ertelt
Thoughtful Monkey Nutrition
email: [email protected]
Facebook: Thoughtful Monkey Nutrition
website: www.thinkb4ueat.com

'I am a nutritional therapist. I overcame severe anxiety attacks and depression and lost 100 pounds through healthy eating and exercise. I found a passion in health and fitness through my own journey and now I work to bring that passion to others, especially women, to help them find their joyful, passionate self through healthy living.

'I do not subscribe to any particular diet because I believe everyone is different right down to the cellular level. No one diet will work for everyone. My goal with my clients is to teach them to listen to their own bodies. Then they never need to worry about the latest and greatest diet, supplement, or guru. They have the control and power in themselves.

'I work with individuals through phone, Skype, in person, and Facetime. I also do group nutrition and weight loss classes both online and in person.'




Samuel Finn
Montreal, Canada
contact: (514) 812-1729
website: www.samuelfinn.com


'I believe in achieving a great level of overall health and fitness while minimizing our time and effort (by effort I mean restrictive diets). I’m in Montreal, Canada. I do online consulting and I do take on new clients. My schedule varies, but I’m always free in the evenings.'



Sean Flanagan, Certified Health Coach

“Sean Flanagan is a Health, Fitness, & Nutrition Coach specializing in helping women worldwide break from the traps of dietary dogma and to develop the habits, knowledge, and skills required for long term health-first body composition management.”


Teri Foley, CPT, Health Coach
Boulder, Colorado, USA
contact: (215) 806-0366
email: [email protected]
website: www.truevitalityforlife.com

“I am an Intuitive Health Coach and Personal Trainer. I work in the realms
of Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition. I empower my clients to FEEL and to connect to their own inner wisdom. I work a lot with energy…emotions and mental patterns that keep people on the hamster wheel. Body image, embodiment, binging/compulsive eating, stress management and self acceptance are all areas I deal with. I’m based in Boulder, CO but I do phone and Skype sessions as well.”




Alex Gonzalez BA, ACE CPT
[email protected]

'In 2009 I finished my BA in Psychology, and shortly afterwards in 2010 I founded AFIT. Determined to bringing psychology to the world of fitness, I founded AFIT under a single idea; to teach others to move with purpose. The goal is to reshape the way clients look at exercise. Teaching them the how and why of movement. Eventually getting clients to own their workouts. Ultimately I want to train others to design and implement their own routines. Furthermore, I demand a deep level of understanding out of clients, not just a going through the motions. I want them to understand why they are exercising and what goals they are working towards. All this is done over an online coaching program. No matter where you go you take fitness with you. Each program is tailored to the individual and their current stage. Whether you are making your first run at fitness or looking to gain more endurance to catch some waves, we meet you where you are at. Isn't it time you take charge of your fitness'?


Jo Grobbelaar
Skype: Jo.grobbelaar
contact: 00447929053202
email: [email protected]
website:: www.jogrobbelaar.com
Facebook: Jo Grobbelaar Health Coach


'I am a UK-based, working worldwide certified Health Coach via The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I also have a background as a weight management counselor working with Transactional analysis & cognitive behavior therapy.


'My non-restrictive approach is based on combining TA, CBT, food education, '' crowding-in the good stuff, and also taking a deep look into your life to see

what may be driving some of your non-supportive behaviors. I find that once I say to clients “eat what you like” & crowd in some great energy-based food, they suddenly have very little to rebel against. My work is very much solution-focused with real practical tools to solve issues.


'I do all my client work via Skype. I do have a few 1:1 coaching places available and more spaces via my group work.'




Baris A. Harvey, FDN, CMTA, HLC, CPT
Santa Cruz, California, USA
contact: (510) 512-6576
email: [email protected]
website: www.reallyhealthynow.com


“I am a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and personal trainer. I work online with most clients using FDN. I also work locally in Santa Cruz with athletes.”




Lilian Holm, PT, CMS, CHC, CEAS
Lilian Holm Physical Therapy and Wellness
Physical Therapy and Health and Wellness Coaching
Evanston, Illinois, USA
website: www.lilianholm.com

'I am a physical therapist and health and wellness coach. I see patients locally in Evanston, Illinois, and also offer health coaching over the phone. For a healthy person I advocate a nutritious diet based mostly on unprocessed food, low in toxins and geared towards nutritional sufficiency and enjoyment, an enjoyable exercise regimen containing resistance training and high-intensity exercise. For anyone with any illness, dysfunction or restriction, all '' recommendations are highly individualized depending on the person’s conditions and circumstances. I advocate health, balance, function, fun and moderation. For all persons I recommend respecting normal circadian rhythms and meeting our species-specific, innate needs.'




John Holt ISSA CPT, Certified Sports Nutritionist
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
email: [email protected]
contact: (918) 633-2352

website: http://nubodyfitnessandtraining.com/

“I firmly believe in a holistic approach to health and fitness and work very hard to get rid of many of the incorrect perceptions about “being fit” that exists in our society. My current focus is to change the way general health and fitness is viewed by creating exercise programs that develop stability, mind/body '' awareness, tendon/ligament strength, and bone/joint unity.”




Anna-Maria Ioannou, BSc Nutrition
Facebook: Fitness Confidential Consulting
website: www.fitnessconfidentialconsulting.com


'I am located in Cyprus but also work as an online coach. I have a BSc in '' Nutrition, a personal trainer certificate, and I am currently doing my Masters Degree to become a Registered Dietitian. I am currently taking a few online clients. My website is a bit outdated and I will be updating it soon. It states that I am a bikini competitor which I no longer am. Even though it was fun I decided a year ago that I no longer wish to put my body through such a process nor do I wish to be judged based on my appearance! It also states that I only work with macros which I don’t. I work with macro ranges with a lot of my clients but I also use different methods based on my client’s history or goal.'




Krystine Jackson, ACSM CPT
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
email: [email protected]


“I am an ACSM certified personal trainer as well as a competitive powerlifter (nationally ranked) and professional dancer. I was studying for my RD at the University of Vermont (but switched industries and did not complete that '' degree). I have a fairly strong nutrition education background. I am currently taking clients online and locally.”




Glenn D. Johnson
Portland, Oregon, USA
Personal trainer (since 1999), certified with ISSA and ACE
Exercise physiologist (Masters in Kinesiology)
College instructor ' I teach health, nutrition, and fitness classes

'I run a 12-week weight management, health improvement program online at livefit4life.net. I have been running this program in person for the past five years. My philosophy is eat as much as you want of natural, whole, healthy foods. If Jack LaLanne would eat it, I would eat it. He’s my health and fitness idol. I’m primarily online, but I live in Portland, OR, and would consult people face to face on occasion.'




Kyra AKA The Get In Shape Girl

'I decided to lose weight because I wasn’t happy with how I looked. Tons of cardio and calorie counting later, I lost 20 pounds. I became an active runner and yogi and then I found dumbbells and clean eating. My body transformed and I fell in love.

Fitness became my passion and when I was laid off from my job in corporate America, I became a trainer. I competed in a few bikini competitions to give me something to do. Well, these were SO not my thing. Over the training periods of these the restriction on food got the best of me and I found myself with some disordered eating habits that I knew were not right and not me!

I did a lot of reading, meditating, blogging and just talking to other women '' during this time to get it all worked out. It’s amazing how many women go '' through this daily, and it’s saddens me yet motivates me to help educate and '' inspire women to end the madness!

Since then I began Crossfit where I could truly compete for performance and eat to perform better. During this time I launched an online personal training site at thegetinshapegirl.com. Most of my clients are young professional females or new moms. I utilize HIIT, circuit training and whatever else they enjoy as my training methods to help them burn fat and build muscle.

I also do meal planning. I gather a ton of info from the clients to find out their BMR, goals, likes/dislikes, dietary needs and a typical food journal to create their meal plan. They have to enjoy what they’re eating and eat plenty of healthy foods (hello, avocados and grass-fed beef!) to keep cravings at bay.

Everything I do is online. My website has videos, a forum, and recipes. Depending in which level you choose I check in with clients via email weekly or bi-weekly with progress pics and check-ins monthly. Some of my clients and I speak monthly 1:1; otherwise I do a weekly call for all clients to have their questions answered.'




Greig La Rue, CPT and Health Coach
Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA
contact: (231) 392.6215
email: [email protected]

“Currently helping current and ex-marines who have reached an unhealthy weight re-evaluate the role food plays in their lives and their triggers for overeating. Local and online coaching available.”




Shelley Lask CPT
St Kilda (VIC), Australia
0435 129 332

[email protected]




'I created Body Positive Health & Fitness to use my fitness industry qualifications and experience together with my competitive background in MuayThai and boxing to empower people to connect with their bodies through exercise, and experience how great it feels to notice your fitness, health, posture, strength and confidence improving day by day. I work with all fitness levels.

Availability: taking new clients, face-to-face clients only.'



Cameron Makarchuk, B.Sc., CPT
Best Selling Author, Master Transformation Coach
Owner, BOOM Bodyshaping Studio
Creator, Extreme Fat Loss Blueprint
website: www.ReengineerYou.com

'I own a private personal training studio where I work mainly with very overweight/obese clients and help them make positive lifestyle changes along with nutritional and exercise changes so they can finally change their bodies and their lives.

I also run a website (www.ReengineerYou.com), host a webshow (Reengineer You), and do web-based coaching with clients.'




Kellie McGarry
Website: www.nourishedandnew.com
Blog: www.healthcoachkellie.wordpess.com
Email: [email protected]

'I’m a Certified Holistic Health Coach with Nourished and New. I used to have an eating disorder so I am definitely against diets and the restrictive mentality. I support women to love the skin their in as I teach them mindfulness practices so they can truly love their food, love their body and love their life. I specialize in stress reduction, mindful eating and creating a passion-filled life. I work by phone, skype or locally. (I’m located in North Phoenix, AZ). As of now, I am available Monday through Friday between 9 am and 2 p.m. as well as Wednesday evenings.'



Madelyn Moon
Austin, Texas, USA
Nutrition Specialist & Personal Trainer
website: www.moonfitness.net
Facebook: MoonFitness
Twitter: MoonTwitter

'I’m a health coach, nutritionist and trainer. I do mostly online programs and find many of my clients through my Facebook page and website. I also do local as well, though!

I was recently on Jimmy Moore’s podcast, talking about my body dysmorphia growing up (in case you want to hear more about my story). I know what it’s like to suffer from eating disorders as well as restrictive dieting. I am actually a fitness competitor, but I train/eat in a way that allows me to feel free and unrestricted. I want to combine my passions for improving my physique in a HEALTHY way that ONLY promotes true joy and self-accomplishment.

My goal is to help other women who want to improve their physiques, mind, heart and soul as naturally as possible to promote true health. It is a common struggle and I always want to be a part of the cure, not the cause.

I live in Austin, TX and I’m always looking for more clients.'




Jeff Nelson, ISSA
email: [email protected]

'I am a certified Fitness Trainer through the I.S.S.A. I am also certified in '' prenatal postpartum exercise design, post-menopause exercise design, Boot'' Camp instruction and Sports Nutrition Specialist. I have been practicing for two years and I work privately out of my home. I only take on one client at a time.'



Regis Newby, Personal Trainer
email: [email protected]

'I’m a personal trainer at Charter Fitness in Chicago looking to expand my business. I’m usually free M-F, 10am-4pm CT. I train locally and yes, I’m looking for new clientele.'




Jennifer M. Parker
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
email: [email protected]

'I’m a yoga teacher, and I take a very non-restrictive method to health. My area of expertise is helping people develop good posture so that they can have more freedom and less aches/pains in everyday life. Likewise, they will be less likely to injure themselves in everyday or sporting activities. I use yoga postures to help facilitate the development of good postural alignment. In addition to this, I teach from a mindfulness perspective ' a method that science is showing to be exceptional in helping people reduce their stress. This is my area of expertise, and I don’t talk about things outside of this area of expertise. That is, I don’t speak on diet or what a person eats. I don’t talk about weight loss or gaining. I don’t talk about getting “bikini ready” or anything else. When people are looking for professional help in an area outside of my expertise, I recommend practitioners to them who can work with them. I generally teach small group classes and private lessons — which I can do in person (Pittsburgh, PA) or online.'


Peak! CPT, PT, RD
Paradise, NL (Newfoundland)
contact: (709) 782-3874
email: [email protected]
Facebook: PeakNL


“We specialize in slowly adapting new habits (ex: exercise or dietary changes), becoming self-sufficient in terms of diet and training, showing clients that it is indeed a process that can take quite some time, and that all of this has to be something they want, not what we do. We also collaborate with another company and their Registered Dietitians.”




Carly Pizzani, CPT
New York, USA
email: [email protected]
website: http://finefitday.com

'I am blessed to have a job I love working with clients locally and online. I also write a fitness/wellness blog called Fine Fit Day, which focuses on running and strength training and enjoying life and awesome fit mamas who make exercise part of their life no matter how crazy it is and eating real food and not any kind of diet. I write a column on The Stir as well, called Working (Out) Mama, which is aimed at making mamas feel like they can do this fitness thing, even if they can only start small. I firmly believe that when you treat your body right and with love and respect, your soul and self-esteem will follow…although maybe at a slower pace ' self esteem is kind of like fascia in that regard!”




Season Riley, ACE CPT
Elko, Nevada, USA
contact: (775) 340-6986
email: [email protected]

“My goal has long been to get clients to stop beating themselves up for enjoying food, or eating “bad” foods, and learning to focus on their strengths, not on some ideal imposed by media. I do local work, as well as online consultations.”



Bethany Roley Health Coach, Fitness Instructor
Evans, Ga
[email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bethanys-Bikini-Fit-Camp/112560345554

“My goal is to empower women to be the best that they can be, to achieve goals and to love the body that they have been blessed with. I also run a 12 week program called Breaking Free. Breaking Free is to help women learn to eat for health to get women off the fad diet bandwagon and to teach them to love and accept their bodies. We dive a lot into self esteem and loving themselves while striving for health, not a certain look. I try to get them to see that all bodies are beautiful and worthy. We have had tremendous success with the program. I also do private Health Coaching and I take a holistic approach to health. I am accepting clients in all my programs. Recently I launched Bethany’s Fit Camp for Kids. This is an 8 week fitness and wellness camp for kids that focuses on building healthy habits at a young age. We talk a lot about self esteem and self love and respect.”



Fionn Rogers
Owner of Fionns Fitness Private Studio.
Woodbine Business Park, New Ross, Wexford, Ireland
Facebook: Fionn’s Fitness


'Diploma in Personal Training & Health Management, School of Sport.'




Taylor Schrang, CPT
Denton, Texas, USA
website: http://sastrefitness.com/
Facebook: Sastre Fitness


“I’m a personal trainer based out of Denton, TX. I don't promise bikini bodies in 3 1/2 days, or have any interest in 'perfecting your body.' Your body is '' perfect. I am interested however, in helping others embrace themselves and their bodies through physical activity. For me fitness fuels fun.”




Sara Elise Seingberg, HHC
contact: (415) 932-9696
website: http://www.seinberghealth.com/
Facebook: Seinberg Holistic Health Coaching


'I work with people from all over through video, digital communication, and phone.'




Cyndi Springford
Wakefield, Massachusetts, USA
Fitness Consultant/Personal Trainer
PUMPS Real Fitness for Women!
contact: (781) 245-0677
email: [email protected]


'I live in Plaistow, NH, but work at PUMPS Real Fitness for Women in Wakefield, MA. I am an ACE/AFAA Certified Personal Trainer. Here, I work as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant. I’m also enrolled in the 2013-2014 Eating Psychology Coach Training Certification Course that is offered by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. That program concludes in May of 2014.

I am happy to work with people remotely or in person. I do not subscribe to any particular eating philosophy as I believe it’s best that we let the body be our guide. I come from a background of disordered eating, excessive exercise and yo yo dieting, so this issue is near and dear to my heart. Some of the books that changes my life profoundly are Intuitive Eating, Diets are Fattening and Overcoming Overeating.'




Jennifer Sturm
website: www.GetWithItforLife.com
Facebook: Get With It For Life

'I’m a certified Holistic Health Coach, Life Coach and Personal Trainer (NASM). I totally believe in keeping it REAL in regard to health and fitness. Food, activity, water, sleep, enjoy life ' REPEAT.

I specifically target my services to women over 40, joint replacement patients, individuals with insulin resistance/pre-diabetes/type 2 diabetes, truck drivers/Road Warriors and seniors.

I’m in the metro-Atlanta area currently, but Kentucky/Knoxville, TN area is “home.” I am taking new clients, but I do keep my client load low since every client gets a huge chunk of ME. I primarily take an integrated approach with health & fitness coaching vs. stand-alone personal training. My services are easily and routinely rendered via email, phone and Skype with online resources available. Of course, in-person is also an option if geography cooperates.'




Catherine Swail, Certified Personal Trainer, BA, BEd
Ottowa, Ontario, Canada
Whole Body Personal Training and Fitness
Personal Trainer, Anytime Fitness – Kemptville, ON
contact: (613) 258-2831, (613)327-5756
email: [email protected]
website: www.wholebodypersonaltrainingfitness.com

'I am a Personal Trainer outside of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I’m very active in helping my clients with nutrition. Any new information or resource would be a great addition. I work privately and through a gym ' Anytime Fitness Kemptville. I am also getting into Online Personal Training. My schedule '' varies quite a bit, so availability could be mid-mornings or some evenings.'



Jordan Syatt
email: [email protected]
Facebook: Jordan Syatt
Twitter: SyattFitness

'I’m a strength training and nutritional consultant. I’m Precision Nutrition and Westside Barbell Certified, have a B.S. in Health & Behavior Science, and I’m the owner of www.syattfitness.com. I do extensive work with online training and nutrition consultations and specialize in strength gain, athletic performance, and general health.'



Gregory Taper, ACE PT
Pittsburgh, PA
[email protected]

“I offer personal training at my home studio. I Specialize in training both Women and Men whether your goals are Fat Loss, Muscle Building, or learning more about correct technique and feeling comfortable while strength training. While these are great goals to have my main focus is to achieve these goals in a healthy and sustainable manner. Each program is individualized to meet the clients needs and goals. There are no quick fixes, however, I offer sustainable long term progress.”


Amie Tollefsrud, Personal Trainer
Maui, Hawaii, USA
website: www.coffeencoconuts.com

'I am a NASM certified personal trainer as well as TRX certified. I specialize in holistic nutrition. I am originally from Denver but recently moved to Maui, '' Hawaii. I am interested in taking on new online clients as well as in person!'




Amanda Wade, ISSA CPT
Central Texas, USA
email: [email protected]
Facebook: AmandaOffTheCouch

“It is my passion to work with new and expecting moms. I constantly see them '' asking for advice online, confused and frustrated with their new bodies, and I love to help them embrace their new bodies in a non-dogmatic way! My areas of special interest are Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Design, and Non-diet Weight Management and Maternal and Infant Nutrition.”




Brandon M Walt, NSCA CPT
Chicago IL, USA
contact: (773) 990.9996
website: www.inflexionfitness.com


“I am a trainer and nutrition coach in Chicago, and I am so completely against dogmatic and restrictive diet counsel. I am NSCA certified and have a Precision Nutrition nutrition coach certification.”




Kat Whitfield, NASM-CPT, B.S.
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
email: [email protected]
contact: (704) 995-0794
website: www.katwhitfield.wordpress.com // www.capitalstrength.com (my facility)

“As someone who was terrified of weight training (my specialty and passion), I understand where many come from when it comes to first-time gym goers. I '' practice simple, basic nutritional practices with my clients that promote long and sustained progress. Combined with intelligent programming and loads of compassion and understanding, many of my clients see huge improvements in health and self-confidence. Often there is a complete shift in their perspective on fitness and nutrition.”




Wild One Wellness, CPT
Warrensburg Missouri/Whiteman AFB area, USA
email: [email protected]
Facebook: Wild-One-Wellness


“Wild One Wellness takes a natural approach to physical health and wellness. We love the outdoors. We eat real food. We are no stranger to sweat. We believe getting fit should be fun. We are life-long students in the field of fitness and natural wellness. We believe that being fit is so much more than a number on the scale or what size britches you wear.”

Physicians and Mental Health Professionals


Marcy Caulkins, DC
Vermont Chiropractic Health Care
Brattleboro, VT
(802) 257-5177

“I have been in practice about 10 years, providing mostly musculoskeletal '' based care. I don’t do any specific nutritional counseling, but do recommend exercise, sensible diet (yay, moderation!), and generally being kind to oneself (I like to sum it up as eat well, move well, think well) to all my patients.”




Marcella M Raimondo, PhD, MPH
3195 California Street, Suite E ( accessible via BART and #1, 2,3 and 38 bus lines)
San Francisco, CA 94115
contact: (415) 931-6090
website: http://www.marcellaedtraining.com/

'I do clinical trainings and I am starting to see clients at a low fee clinic in San '' Francisco: http://aptedsf.com/lowfeeclinic.html.'


Eating Disorder Professionals and Treatment Centers


Marcella M Raimondo, PhD, MPH

3195 California Street, Suite E ( accessible via BART and #1, 2,3 and 38 bus lines)
San Francisco, CA 94115
contact: (415) 931-6090
website: http://www.marcellaedtraining.com/


'I do clinical trainings and I am starting to see clients at a low fee clinic in San '' Francisco: http://aptedsf.com/lowfeeclinic.html.'





“The first social media website dedicated to discussing nutrition. The website '' includes recipes and articles that are inclusive of all aspects of nutrition, from '' Paleo to Vegan to recovering from eating disorders. My goal is for the website to be a platform for people to share and discuss what works for them.” ~Sara Wasabi, Health Coach

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  1. Tina Maas, National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
    Sierra Vista, AZ
    Alite Tanning and Fitness
    Personal Trainer, Alite Tanning and Fitness ' Sierra Vista, AZ
    email: [email protected]
    website: http://www.alitetanningfitness.com

    I specialize in fitness, individualized personal training, and airbrush tanning with a strong commitment towards personalized service and individual attention for those seeking to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

    I am a certified personal trainer with National Academy of Sports Medicine. I am currently working towards a specialty of Corrective Exercise. I am also certified with NTTI for spray tanning.

  2. Please add me to your list of health provider resources.

    Rose Forbes- Empowered Wellness
    Orlando, FL

    Mobile Holistic Health and Happiness Coaching in Central Florida. Skype online video conferencing nationwide. Affordable fun fitness workouts, Nutrition Makeovers and Mindfulness Coaching- all in the privacy and comfort of your own home or office.

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