Fun on Facebook.

I’d post more (because it went on for some time) but it was really just more of the same. You can see the thread here.

Stuff like this is entertaining, but I think it can also serve an important purpose. Quazi is a tool of the system. The system that bombards you with messages that you are not good enough the way you are, and that you are flawed, and that you only need to buy ____ and all your problems will be solved. Qwazi is pimping which is primarily in the business of selling supplements. Supplements that you don’t need, and that aren’t supported by credible science. He may seem like one little whackadoo, but in reality he’s a cog in the wheel. He may not even be aware he’s being used.

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  1. I love that you still try and talk sense to the stupid people! : ) Quazi’s argument about gentics read as made up and on the fly as well.

    • I love how she mocks them! This guy is an idiot. Studies to back it up or it didn’t happen, bro!

  2. Sorry Amber. Sonia’s response just made her my new favourite person. You’ve been de-throned.

  3. ROFL and WTF!! My study says 43.7895% of keyboard brotards give up after 34.7895 minutes of fruitlessly pissing into the wind. That’s a lot of back splash, yo!

  4. Amber, I use to have the “Our rustic life” facebook page, and I shut it down, because I don’t have time for idiots like this and knew if I said the things I wanted to say, this is what I would contend with. You have the patience of a saint to deal with this constantly!
    I love the study of human nutrition, and physical fitness and I am passionate about it as you are, but not as patient '? I have studied these things as you have, I have spent sleepless nights searching, reading, researching and agree with you 100%!

    I am so discouraged constantly by the dogma, and religiosity of fitness and nutrition. I have high respect for what you do and will continue to support you and cheer you on! What you are advocating is truth, and science, and others have turned it into a circus, and a belief system which I can no longer tolerate, but I so applaud you for taking a stand!

    I am a nutrition nerd, but know that true health does not occur apart from physical fitness. I have studied this and know it is true, it is SCIENCE, which so many chose to ignore. I will continue (in my world) to be the voice of reason too, just not to the masses as you have. But want to encourage you to ……….Keep on keepen on, and speaking truth! For the love of carbs man!!! '?

    • Oh, I’m really disappointed to hear that you’re shutting down shop. Will you still be blogging? You’re so sane, I hate that your voice has been hushed. :(

      • I am still doing my blog and have started a hiking page instead, as hiking is so much more benign '? I still have a voice Amber, I just am choosing not to use it on facebook.

        I see how people take your words and twist them, and I so don’t have the patience to confront that constantly as you do.
        You cannot even talk about eating rice without someone taking it down to diabetes for goodness sake….it is so insane!

        I am so passionate about EVERYTHING you advocate, but I tend to be very emotional about it and so I can get frustrated easily at ignorance '? I love that you are doing what you are doing, and if I can interject my opinion here and there I will! KEEP KICK’N ASS’s Amber!!

        Truth is truth even if no one believes it and a fallacy is still a fallacy even if everyone believes it!

        • I know, people are cray cray. but talking about it helps some people get out of the maze, so I keep doing it. :)

          I’ll keep tabs on you via your blog. Take care!

        • I’m so sorry you won’t have your Facebook page up anymore also. “Our Rustic Life” was one of my favorites (I have Our Rustic Life and Go Kaleo in my notifications even). :)

          I’ll keep track of you on your blog too! I love your recipes so much! I am soooo eager to find out more about your hiking blog too…I love hiking and miss my hiking and backpacking days in Colorado. I’ll live vicariously through you and enjoy the pictures. :)

          • Beth, so sorry. :( I love to talk about and express all things health, I am just not to keen on defending it when there is so much bias about diet these days. I remember you saying that you missed Co. and hope to return someday. Would love for you to come over and check it out. If you go to my blog my FB page link is at the bottom of my most recent post '?

            At least you know you are in good hands here on Go Kaleo! Amber knows her stuff!!

          • No worries Leslie! I’m eager to read your blogs and it’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to put up with Facebook BS. :) That can be quite stressful and stress is no good.

            I’m putting together a blog and Facebook page and I am sooooo apprehensive about talking about food (which I love). My audience needs it though, because many of them are caught up in diet dogma.

            I just found your hiking Facebook page. I’m excited!

  5. What I thought was funny was that he doesn’t think there’s a percentage to winning the lottery…obviously never taken a statistics class! It’s entertaining but curious that they (trolls) come to your page and think they’ll get anywhere bashing you?

    • It’s happening so regularly and predictably now, and some of the stuff they’re spouting sounds downright scripted. I think someone’s trying to shut me up.

  6. What’s even MORE irritating is that those types of sites that the troll was flogging really have very little information geared towards women’s health and fitness. They simply assume that you (the global you, regardless of age, gender, body type, other factors) should train like a bro/bodybuilder and if it doesn’t work for you, then it must be YOUR fault for not doing it right because it totally worked for this one guy and his friends and all these other people on the forums. Maybe it’s just me and my feminist/critical thinking lady brain, but when the article’s language clearly excludes (“get shoulders that make the panties drop!/make your crazy ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend jealous” or even insults me (“with this program, you can’t train like a whiny sorority girl/can’t be a pussy/can’t cry like a girl…”, I’m not so interested in what they have to say.

  7. Amber I am so proud of you. Not that you haven’t heard that before. But I am a vet, married to a physician, so there is no one who comes to these types of websites with a more cynical mind than I do. I have met these guys. I have even worked with a personal trainer like this. Twice. And his approach to me was the same. And it didn’t work. Because I wasn’t him. I wasn’t a man. And I wasn’t going to buy the supplements. Because when I did the first time guess what? They didn’t work. You are my new hero.

  8. The sad thing is that so many of these people are so deeply entrenched in the dogma that they’ll dismiss multiple scientific studies which repeatedly prove that their beliefs are incorrect. You know, because the scientific method isn’t as valid as, “My little league coach said…”

    • It amazes me how illogical they are. I’ve had arguments where their end point was, “Well I don’t care what scientists say, I’m going to listen to the guy who looks like the way I want to look.” But if you show them the same fallacy of logic by pointing out people like Hershel Walker, and how his 1000 pushups a day built a high degree of muscle mass and strength, then they’ll talk about how that isn’t applicable to all people because of genetics, and cherry pick scientific evidence to support their views. It’s a personal bias that, as you have said, has no basis in reality. They pervert facts to meet a belief system based on personal bias instead of adjusting their beliefs according to factual, scientific evidence. It’s insane!

  9. This is really funny stuff. It is sad that there are a lot of people who are addicted to what sites and people like what has to offer. Suppliments are terrible for your body. Sure you will bulk up, but not in a healthy way… and for women genetics has a TON to do with how your body responds to muscle.. as well as diet! You are awesome for sticking to your guys – and making fun of the meat head :) Keep up the great work – I love your posts!!

  10. I know I am about six months behind the power curve on this post, but I wanted to give you and the ladies in the thread mad props!

    Then I laughed, because in the last paragraph, you say, “Stuff like this is entertaining, but I think it can also serve an important purpose. Quazi is a tool of the system. ”

    And of course, all I saw was, “Quazi is a tool.” *snicker*

    Being a relative noob to your site, I am perusing the archives.

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