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'Can I get an 'AMEN!'?! This is so simple, and makes so much sense! If you have to white-knuckle your way down to a weight and struggle miserably to maintain it, how is that 'ideal'? About a month ago I found Go Kaleo, started tracking my food, upped my protein and calorie intake, and I've lost weight AND inches! All that weight training I've been doing is finally noticeable! But the miracle is that I'm not obsessed with food every day, I'm not fighting cravings and feeling hopeless, like if I lost my focus for one minute I'd blow it. I'm not afraid of food anymore! I feel like Go Kaleo has let me in on the 'secret' to being healthy' You are changing lives.' ~Denise

In a weight loss world where grueling 1200-calorie diets are the mainstream standard for weight loss, accompanied with long lists of evil foods to avoid, Amber Rogers, aka 'Go Kaleo' is the voice of reason.

Being healthy and finding your healthy weight simply doesn't work when it's hard. It works best when it's easy. Go Kaleo puts practicality and sustainability first ' two concepts often completely eliminated from popular diets in pursuit of quick, albeit impermanent results.

While most recommend eating as little food as possible and doing as much exercise as one can bear, Taking Up Space advocates finding the MAXIMUM amount of calories and minimum number of paranoid restrictions that still gets results.

In the book, Go Kaleo talks about her incredible 80-pounds of slow, effortless, hunger and craving-free weight loss that never came back ' all on a steady diet of 2800 calories a day with a few good workouts a week. No big cravings for carbs, meat, fat, or sweets ' as these were things that she was eating in ample abundance every day.

After reaching a healthy goal, what did she do? She increased calories even more only to find that this allowed her to build toned muscle and shed more fat than ever before.

Taking Up Space also contains some passionate and important discourse on getting past the illusions created by fake tans and Photoshop, and realizing that what everyone is increasingly thinking are 'flaws' are actually quite normal aspects of human physiology.

This book sets a new standard in approaching weight loss in a lasting way. It is the future of how better health and better bodies will be attained once the rest of the world realizes how counterproductive extreme approaches really are.
''You can get better, you can get stronger, you can get healthier, you can be MORE. You can't restrict, reduce, eliminate your way to any of these things. Yes, you can lose weight, but there is a healthier, saner, more sustainable way to do it.' ~Go Kaleo

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll recognize many of the themes I cover in this book. I’ve tied several of my more important posts together to create a more cohesive guide that will give you the basics on energy balance, maintenance of a healthy weight, self respect and self care, and a path forward out of the diet maze.

Be sure to check out my facebook page and the Eating the Food facebook group for support in putting the concepts in this book into practice.

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11 thoughts on “Taking Up Space

  1. Great book:-)
    By the way, regarding exercise, did you experiment with minimalist low volume high intensity routines ala HIT? Or did you always do moderate volume, multiple sets?

    • I’ve tried all sorts of things. I generally tend toward crossfit style HIIT and heavy powerlifting for my own training because it’s what I enjoy. I got bored with anything remotely bodybuilding-esque so never stuck with it for more than a few sessions. Hope that answers your question?

  2. “because it's what I enjoy”

    This is one of many reasons why you are awesome. I’ll be buying this book on kindle now and will then read it as soon as I am finished with Harry Potter 4. Ha!

    It feels great to support awesome people!

  3. Great book! I’m shocked and excited to learn that I need to eat almost 3000 calories a day! No wonder I’ve been stuck in a binge/starve pattern for so long! I do have a question about protein. You recommend 1 gram protein per pound of bodyweight. In my case that translates to 180 grams of protein a day. I’m struggling to figure out how to eat that much protein. A whole chicken breast is only 30 grams. An egg is barely 7 grams. Do you have any suggestions? I’m not a huge meat eater.

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  5. Your book changed my life. I cannot thank you enough. I desperately needed that “change in perspective” and your eBook was exactly what I needed. Thanks to my training Karina Inkster for introducing me to your book.

  6. I am freaking out. I just went to an ED meeting..and the lady said 1200 is a normal amount to eat. ahhhh!!!!

    • OMG! I’m trying really hard to excuse that, but I’m coming up with nothing. Did you say anything?

      • I didn’t. I was freaked out. Here I am trying to accept the fact that I need more food…..(because I have been restricting for so long) and then they go and say that.

        I guess the relieving part was my brain telling me: “Kristin, you know that this is what you have done (eaten between 800-1500 daily) and you know what it has caused. (fatigue, hair loss, brain fog, weight GAIN) Do not let the disease talk you into thinking that 1200 is the right answer. You know better than that.”

        Just that thought to myself was enough to know I am headed in the right direction.
        Thanks for the youreatopia website as well- reading a lot of those things really helped.

  7. I really want to read this but am not a computer book type girl. Any chance this exists in the print or do I need to get over my fear of ebooks?

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