Ebook and Workout Packages!


In honor of reaching 25k fans on facebook (THANK you for all the support!), I’m offering a substantial discount on my ebook and Workout program packages. You can get two downloads for less than the cost of the included workout program! TUS-3DbPackage 1 $39.98 $24.99

Package 1 combines my ‘Taking Up Space’ ebook with my ‘First 100 Days’ beginner workout program. This package is best for those who are new to exercise or returning after a time away. You can read about each download by clicking on it’s hyperlinked title above.

Package 2 $27.98 $15.99

Package 2 combines ‘Taking Up Space’ with my ‘Basic Lifting Routine’. This package is best for those who are already regularly active and want to add a formal strength training program to their routine.

Package 3 $47.98 $32.99

For those who already have my eBook, this package combines The First 100 Day with my Basic Lifting routine.

2 thoughts on “Ebook and Workout Packages!

  1. I am trying to buy TUS and the Basic Routine. The shopping cart will not let me update quantities and is charging me for each package for a total of approximately $73. Could you help?

    Thank you.

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