Habit Project Enrollment NOW Open! No Fad Diets!

*Friday update:  Registration is closing tonight*

The time is now.  Sean and I are excited to announce that we are now enrolling for the August 2016 group of the 12 Week Habit-Project On-Ramp.

Click here to read all about the On-Ramp and/or to reserve your spot

If you’ve started the process of kicking the shame-based diet mentality out of your head and want accelerate things and solidify some new healthy habits, then you might be a great fit for this program.

The Habit Project is different from just about every other weight loss or coaching program in that it’s entirely focused on supporting you through the process and making habits for the long term.  There are no weigh-ins, no awkward picture taking to be used for our marketing, and no list of foods you can’t eat.

Instead, we make you a part in one of our supportive communities where you have a safe space to struggle and succeed with encouragement (and no judgment) with people like you.  And rather than supporting each other with unrealistic changes (“You can do it!  Just another 29 days of none of your favorite foods!”), everybody is working towards creating sustainable habits one at a time.  On top of that, there’s expert coaching to maximize your momentum.

With the On-Ramp, you’ll go through our 6 habit sequence for laying your foundation for sustainable fitness and fat loss.  These habits cover a broad spectrum of different skills that will give you immediate benefits and they’ll allow you to progress to more advanced habits later on.

We only enroll for the 12 Week Habit Project On-Ramp every couple of months and spaces in each group are strictly limited.

Learn more here and if it feels right for you, I look forward to seeing you on the On-Ramp: