The “Ideal Human Diet”

Ideal human diet? You want my opinion on that? Humans have been so successful as a species because we are eminently adaptable. Human cultures have thrived in every environment and on every diet Mother Nature can throw at us. Nothing defines humanity more than our adaptability. So my opinion is: there is no ideal human diet. Every single person has the evolutionary gift of being able to choose the foods they want to consume (and by food, I mean food. Not laboratory-concocted food like substances). And every person has the freedom to take more than just health into consideration when they make those choices. Each individual’s perfect diet will reflect that person’s value system, the climate they live in, the activities they choose to participate in, their cultural traditions, their goals, and not least of all, their personal tastes.
So when someone makes a claim that their diet is the best, remember that it is the best for them. Your best diet may look very different. Also remember that your diet is YOUR diet. Just because you may thrive on it, others may not, and there are more factors that go into thriving than simply bodily health. A food may offer nutritional benefits, but if eating it conflicts with a person’s values, goals or traditions, it will not create well being.
Go easy on each other.

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