Affiliate Information

For a long time, I kept my blog completely ad and affiliate link free. This worked well when I had a small readership and blogged once a week or so. As my readership has grown, and as I’ve begun to invest more and more time in my blog and facebook page, I’ve needed to find ways to cover my expenses. One of the ways I do this is by hosting banners for specific companies that produce products I think are cool and worthwhile. You’ll see these banners in my sidebar and sometimes at the end of posts. When you click through my banner and buy a product from these companies, I get a small commission (usually 5-10% of your purchase). The cost to you is unchanged. This is a way you can support my blog AND get a cool product. You’ll notice there are only a handful of companies’ banners I’ve allowed on my blog, including Ultimate Sandbag, TRX, Smart Kitchen, eMeals, Gaiam, and Relax the Back. I think these are good companies that produce quality products that will improve your quality of life. I don’t place ads indiscriminately. I don’t get paid for hosting these banners, only when a purchase is made through my link. Your support is always gratefully appreciated!

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