7/30 Log

Today’s workout was moving my inlaws to a new facility. My husband and I spent about an hour loading, carrying and unloading furniture. Then real quick before dinner I did a set of 8 hill sprints, right around the block from my house.

B: green smoothie, same as usual
S: larabar
L: kapamakki roll and spicy tuna roll
S: nuts and plums
D: black beans stewed with corn and summer squash, toped with avocado and tomato.
S: more plums, they are SOOO good right now

Friday 7/29 log

The third day in a row of workouts is always hard to slog through and not very productive. I guess as you get older it’s more and more important to make time for recovery. So today was short and sweet:

1.25 mile run along the Emeryville Waterfront
Then over to Berkeley Ironworks for:
Back squats 5×5 @ 125
OHS 3×8 @ 75
5 sets of max reps pullups

B: breakfast smoothie (spinach, blueberry, avocado and plant based protein powder)
L: leftover green bean, summer squash and tofu stirfry from last night, plus 2 tilapia filets
S: larabar, peach
D: the ‘everything’ at Souly Vegan in Jack London Square: Black Eyed Peas, yams, lentils, mustard greens, BBQ tofu, cornbread, potato salad, vegan mac and cheese. I didn’t eat everything. I stuck to the veggies and legumes, let my husband chow down on the bread, pasta and potato salad.
After dinner: 3 vodka cranberries
Late night snack: 3 plums and a handful of mixed nuts

In case you haven’t noticed, I eat. A LOT!

Workout and Diet log?

People ask me so often about my workouts and diet. I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in following them here? I can give a sample. Here’s today:

I lifted heavy yesterday so did some conditioning supersets today.
Set 1: 5 rounds of 10 x overhead squat @80#/10 burpees
Set 2: 5 rounds of 10 renegade rows with feet elevated, 30# dumbells/10 jump squats
Set 3: 5 rounds max rep overhead press @65#/10 back squat @ 65#

And my diet:

Breakfast: green smoothie: blueberries, spinach, avocado, hemp protein powder
Snack: peach and cashew cookie larabar
Lunch: giant green salad w/ artichoke hearts, olives, balsamic vinaigrette and a little tuna salad
Snack: trail mix
Dinner: summer squash, green bean and tofu stir fry
Snack: more trail mix and an apple

If people are interested I’m happy to keep posting my logs, just let me know in the comments!