Root Vegetable Pancakes

I found myself with a crisper drawer full of an odd assortment of root vegetables. A few varieties of turnip, a radish or two, and two kinds of beets. What else was there to do but make pancakes? These are easy easy easy, and my kids eat them (win!).

Step one: grate them.

This was about 3.5 pounds of vegetable.

Step 2: add eggs and seasonings.

I whisked 6 eggs with 1 TBSP each ground ginger, onion powder, cumin and coriander, and added a sprinkle of paprika, but the possibilities are endless.

Step 3: add fresh herbs, if desired.

I used Italian parsley, but feel free to experiment with whatever sounds good with your seasonings of choice.

Step 4: spread about 2/3 cup worth of ‘batter’ in an oiled pan and cook like a latke, browning nicely on both sides. Serve with avocado (or ketchup or hummus, as my kids like them).


9 thoughts on “Root Vegetable Pancakes

  1. A little late with a comment, but Jackie, what about Vegan egg replacer. I have some, it’s a powder that you add water too. I’m sure it won’t have the same consistency, but it’s worth a shot. I’ve used it in baking and it’s worked well! I can’t wait to try these!

    • I haven’t found a really great way to make them eggless yet. I’ve been trying! I’ve tried lots of eggless potato pancake recipes I’ve found on the net and just haven’t had great luck. I’ll keep working on it, though. If you have any suggestions I’m all ears!

    • I thought u were vegan, Kaleo! Are eggs the only non-vegan food u do? How often?

      Have u tried flax or chia instead of eggs? Or the Ener-G replacer?

      • I haven’t referred to myself as Vegan in a couple years, actually. Other people label me all the time, but I try not to label myself, it sets up a lot of expectations and presumptions, not all of which I agree with. That said, most days I eat only plant foods, and on those days ‘vegan’ would accurately describe what I eat. Sometimes I eat local, organic, pastured eggs from a local farm co-op.

        Here’s a more detailed expalnation of my food philosophy:

        I’ve tried the Ener-g, it was awful! I havent’ tried flax or chia though, maybe next time!

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