Inactivity and Metabolic Health V

It’s time for another installment in my Inactivity and Metabolic Health Series! For your consideration today is the small but interesting study from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri: Improvement in Glucose Tolerance After 1 Wk … Continue reading

Inactivity and Metabolic Health IV

See the rest of the posts in this series here. I’d hoped to be able to add a post to this series once or twice a week, and am finding it tricky to find the time. Darn day job. Anyway, … Continue reading

Inactivity and Metabolic Health III

See the rest of the posts in this series here. Today we’re looking at a cross-sectional study on 456 adolescents between the age of 10 and 18, conducted in Brazil. The purpose of this study was to measure and analyze … Continue reading

Inactivity and Metabolic Health II

You can view all of the posts in this series here. Today’s post is PCOS specific, a subject I take special interest in as I lived with symptoms of PCOS for nearly 25 years before putting the pieces together and … Continue reading

Inactivity and Metabolic Health I

I’ve decided to do a series of blog posts highlighting some of the studies I’ve collected exploring the link between physical activity and metabolic health (specifically Insulin Resistance, as it’s central to many metabolic diseases including PCOS and Diabetes, and … Continue reading

The Healthiest (and Leanest) I’ve Been Was When…

A few years ago I had a blog series called ‘Inactivity and Metabolic Health‘. It was an examination of the science of physical activity as treatment for metabolic issues caused by insulin resistance. Exercise improves insulin sensitivity. As far as … Continue reading

Sugar and Diabetes Risk: Perspective on the Study

A few days ago, a new study on sugar and diabetes risk hit the news and BOY has it been exciting! Mark Bittman ran an op-ed piece titillatingly titled ‘It’s the Sugar, Folks‘ that has been widely circulated among the … Continue reading

Lifestyle Deficiencies and Metabolic Health: “It’s the Metabolism, Stupid”

Or, the Go Kaleo Theory of Everything™. My lightbulb moment: the day I understood that my body and my health were a reflection of my habits, and that in order to have a healthy body I needed to engage consistently, … Continue reading

Magic Pills, Food Villains and the Allure of the Shiny Red Herring

“Carbs make you fat.” Do you see the allure of that statement? It, and “Food Villain” statements like it, allow a person to shift the responsibility for their problems onto an outside entity. Carbs are a wildly popular Food Villain. … Continue reading

Take Two Aspirin, and Die of a Brain Tumor Anyway

Inactivity and energy imbalance are scientifically established fundamental CAUSES of metabolic dysfunction (see: Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, NIH and NDIC). Any diet program that doesn’t address inactivity and energy imbalance is merely addressing the SYMPTOMS of metabolic dysfunction. That doesn’t … Continue reading